Trek Bicycles HR and Finance Operations Case Study

Trek Bicycles Solution Case Study

Bike Makers' Processes Shift into High Gear with KnowledgeLake ECM Solution

Trek Bicycle is a global company selling renowned bicycle brands. To make its business operations more efficient—and the company competitive in a tough global market—Trek implemented a KnowledgeLake ECM solution on top of Microsoft SharePoint for fast, easy access to vital enterprise documents.


Trek Bicycle is one of the leading names in the sporting goods industry. The company started making its bikes in 1976, when five employees began producing touring bicycles designed to compete against the leading European bikes of the day.

Nearly four decades later, Trek sells its products to customers around the world under brand names that include Trek, Electra, Gary Fisher, Diamant, and Villiger Bikes.

The escalating growth of Trek has also meant many business changes. Today, Trek has multiple manufacturing facilities, 1,800 employees, and 28 offices. Along the way, its operations and processes have produced voluminous paper trails, particularly in its human resources and finance departments.

“We reached a point where we needed a better solution for managing the internal, business-critical documents flowing through the organization,” says David Peterson, Trek’s enterprise collaboration manager. He notes that it was often difficult for employees to find documents in a timely manner, and that the paper-based filing system posed barriers to gaining more business insight that could help the business.

“To maintain our successful growth and competitiveness,” he says, “we needed greater automation to enable fast access to documents and information.”


Trek implemented a KnowledgeLake enterprise content management (ECM) solution on top of an existing implementation of Microsoft SharePoint. The company deployed KnowledgeLake Capture, KnowledgeLake Imaging for SharePoint, and KnowledgeLake Connect.

These products are used for tasks such as digitizing documents as they are run through scanners; attaching metadata that can be uses in organizing, searching, and retrieving documents; and uploading documents directly into SharePoint libraries and folders from within existing business software such as Microsoft Office programs.

The company is also using KnowledgeLake Unify, which is used for integrating KnowledgeLake and SharePoint functionality into line-of-business applications such as Oracle databases and enterprise resource planning software solutions such as PeopleSoft, SAP, and Microsoft Dynamics.

The KnowledgeLake solution is used with Fujitsu fi-7160 and fi-6130 scanners, which are distributed throughout Trek’s multiple offices.


The KnowledgeLake ECM solution has allowed Trek to dramatically streamline its daily operations with faster, easier access to documents. It has helped boost the use of SharePoint, turning it into a valuable, centralized, and logically organized resource for corporate information. And, with greater access to enterprise documents, managers and executives can attain business insights faster.

Fast document access helps to streamline tasks

With the KnowledgeLake ECM solution running on top of SharePoint, Trek employees can quickly search for and retrieve documents such as HR files on new employee files, benefits documents, and details on 401K plans.

”The ability to find information is so much easier, enabling us to perform routine tasks in a timelier manner,” says Peterson.

New solution spurs SharePoint use throughout company

The KnowledgeLake solution has spurred SharePoint usage throughout the company, which benefits overall company operations. For example, the company has scanned more than 500,000 paper documents that can now be found and retrieved quickly on the electronic system.

“As more and more documents find their way to SharePoint with the KnowledgeLake solution, the SharePoint system becomes an important, centralized repository for storing and accessing essential corporate information,” says Peterson.

Digitized documents enable more business insights

By delivering easy searches and fast access to documents, the solution helps Trek managers and executives in their decision making processes.

“We work in a highly competitive industry,” Peterson says. “The KnowledgeLake solution gives our business decision makers the ability to rapidly find information, which in turn expedites decision making. The new ECM solution is a core component of a more competitive business.”

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