Oklahoma Department of Rehabilitation Services Document Access Case Study

Oklahoma Department of Rehabilitation Services Case Study

Oklahoma Agency Helps Disabled More Efficiently with KnowledgeLake ECM Solution

The Oklahoma Department of Rehabilitation Services delivers a wide range of services that help disabled state citizens with employment, independent living, and economic self-sufficiency. To manage 25,000 documents or more a month, the agency uses a KnowledgeLake ECM solution with Microsoft SharePoint to provide easy document access, speed to keep up with document workflows, and integration with essential Microsoft Office-generated information.


The Oklahoma Department of Rehabilitation Services (OKDRS) works to expand the employment, independent living, and economic self-sufficiency opportunities for disabled state citizens. The OKDRS consists of five program divisions, including Vocational Rehabilitation, Visual Services, Disability Determination, the Oklahoma School for the Blind, and the Oklahoma School for the Deaf. These divisions operate dozens of programs that help Oklahomans lead more independent and productive lives.

The OKDRS processes about 300,000 documents annually. Over the years, the organization was faced with an ever-increasing volume of paper that made it difficult to find information quickly and efficiently. It was an issue that went to the core of the organization’s mission, which is adherence to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), says German Khanagov, imaging manager for OKDRS.

“Compliance to ADA is at our very core,” he says. “So it’s mission critical for everyone in our agency to have easy access to the documents that support the organization.”


OKDRS turned to KnowledgeLake for an enterprise content management (ECM) solution that it uses in conjunction with Microsoft SharePoint. It uses a broad range of KnowledgeLake products, including:

  • KnowledgeLake Imaging for SharePoint, which is used for searching, viewing, routing, and annotating documents.
  • KnowledgeLake Capture for SharePoint, which is used for scanning and indexing documents before they are stored in SharePoint.
  • KnowledgeLake Capture Server extends KnowledgeLake Connect and KnowledgeLake Capture to provide a batch scanning solution allowing you to Scan and save documents to SharePoint using office copiers, multi-function devices, fax servers and network scanners.
  • KnowledgeLake Connect allows users to save content to SharePoint directly from within Microsoft Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint – eliminating extra clicks and browser loading time.
  • KnowledgeLake Unify, which provides direct SharePoint integration with line-of-business applications, such as AWARE Case Management software.

OKDRS uses several different scanner models from Fujitsu for scanning tasks, including the Fujitsu fi-6140, the Fujitsu fi-5110, and the Fujitsu fi-6670.

The majority of the scanning is done to case files, although other departments also use the solution, including human resources, accounts payable, property management, purchasing, and the organization’s library.


The KnowledgeLake ECM solution gives agency employees easy access to documents, it speeds processes to keep up with the agency’s very large volume of daily paperwork, and offers tight integration with daily business applications.

Easy access to documents

Khanagov says the KnowledgeLake solution helps meet the OKDRS mission of providing accessibility for everyone—include agency employees—and delivers results that are compliant with the ADA.

“It’s one of the main reasons we chose KnowledgeLake in the first place, because it truly makes it easy for agency employees to scan, upload, and retrieve documents in screen-reader friendly PDFs,” he says. “It allows for easy searches by case or participant ID, name, scan date, and other metadata. All documents are ADA-compliant, with results that can be viewed with a single click.”

Speed to keep up with paperwork

The combination of KnowledgeLake software and the Fujitsu high-speed scanners helps OKDRS keep up with the large volume of content generated by the individual departments as they serve a statewide constituency.

“With the KnowledgeLake ECM solution, we typically process 1,000 or more documents daily, and in the past few years have scanned more than 1.5 million documents,” Khanagov says.

Integration with Office for easy electronic uploads

Khanagov says KnowledgeLake Connect is an especially powerful tool for agency employees who spend much of their time inside the Microsoft Office suite.

“The integration with Office is a huge boost to productivity,” he says. “We have a huge volume of emails that relate directly to cases, and the ease with which this correspondence can be uploaded directly into SharePoint using KnowledgeLake is an extremely useful tool for tracking the history and progress of cases.”

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