New Belgium Brewery Financial Operations Case Study

New Belgium Brewery

New Belgium leverages KnowledgeLake solution to support national expansion

New Belgium Brewery is a leading independent craft beer company. It was founded in 1991 and is headquartered in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Colorado, United States


New Belgium Brewery is famous for brews such as Fat Tire, Citradelic, Voodoo Ranger IPA and Trippel. When production approached a million barrels annually, the independent brewery built an additional facility. They chose KnowledgeLake to address business process challenges so they could effectively and efficiently conduct operations on a national scale.

The Challenges

Since the brewery traditionally relied on paper documents as well as manual processes for organizing and storing the content, employees spent a great deal of time searching for needed information. In some cases, employees had to rifle through filing cabinets, storage boxes and stacks of paper for necessary documents each month. This unstructured process was difficult to maintain, time-consuming and tedious.

To optimize productivity, New Belgium Brewery and KnowledgeLake experts worked together to re-evaluate processes involving a variety of departments, including finance, accounting, environmental health and safety, human resources and legal departments.

“With a new brewery facility coming online in Asheville, NBB is going to become a national company,” says Tye Eyden, collaboration analyst at the company’s Colorado headquarters. “That meant we had to reevaluate processes involving a variety of departments, including finance and accounting, HR, legal, and environmental health and safety.”

Our Solution

Building upon the tools New Belgium Brewery knew and managed, KnowledgeLake provided an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution which now allows them to scan paper documents and route the information to a centralized repository.

The document processing system, now in place, fulfills current needs while supporting the company’s evolution and growth.

KnowledgeLake experts streamlined critical business processes within the following departments:

ECM for Finance
Accounts Payable Automation
Document management for legal
Document management for HR
Environmental health and safety document management

document management brewery

In their finance and accounting departments, New Belgium was able to cut paper usage by 80%


"With these's a partnership."

  • "With the new facility underway, we didn’t want to maintain these legacy processes. We had to solve the paper dilemma and better manage the company as an enterprise operation."

    Tye Eyden

    Collaboration Analyst

  • "We can’t completely prevent the paper that is sent to us, but with the KnowledgeLake solution, we have a huge benefit in cutting back on our own paper generation. We estimate that we’ve cut our paper usage in finance and accounting by at least 80 percent. Eventually, KnowledgeLake will also let us cut our physical storage costs and space almost completely."

    Tye Eyden

    Collaboration Analyst

  • "We hope to continue our growth as an employee owned company, and this technology will be a real benefit for improving future processes."

    Tye Eyden

    Collaboration Analyst

  • “Our employees were spending so much time every month searching through stacks of paper documents. As an analyst, I’m always striving to connect different parts of the business, increase efficiencies, and not just take a business problem and solve it differently but to make the process better. With the rapid access to documents provided by KnowledgeLake, we can actually spend time and resources on improving and making our processes better than what they were before.”

    Tye Eyden

    Collaboration Analyst

Results & Benefits


Revitalized financial operations

Faster invoice processing, approvals and payments to vendors and distributors enabled by Accounts Payable/Receivable workflows that expedite a formerly time-consuming procedure.


Greater collaboration & productivity

Indexing business content allows employees to find essential information quickly. An easier search experience has, and continues to, boost productivity and eases their auditing process.


Safer & more efficient

The Environmental Health and Safety Department is better able to maintain contractor safety as well as manage contracts and other documents with greater efficiency.


Reducing environmental impact

Digitizing documents has cut paper usage within the Finance and Accounting Departments by 80%. This internal practice allows the brewery to repurpose storage space and reduce waste for a lower, long-term environmental impact.

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