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It was getting difficult for employees to find documents when they needed them. Certain drives were restricted, so multiple copies of documents were often made and stored around the network, but there was not enough organization of the folder structure, making it hard to locate information.

Jerry Levy Vice President of Administration Invenergy Clean Energy Company

Eventually we hope to implement this in multiple departments and ultimately, in the long term, for use in our schools. It makes sense to maximize the knowledge and software that we've gained through this process, and to expand it. The power and ease of use of the KnowledgeLake solution makes me think that this will happen sooner rather than later.

Kathie Tourangeau District Principal Edmonton Catholic Schools

With traditional filing you have to rely on the accuracy of the information in a single file. If the information is entered incorrectly or put in the wrong file, it could take an employee many hours to find it. With digital document management, our users can now find a document based on any metadata input, such as vendor name, or date, or P.O. number. Documents can be filtered and sorted based on any input field, which dramatically streamlines the document-search process.

Helen Dow Controller Goodwill Industries

VIP DocManager operates on a proprietary system that requires a proprietary viewer and search tool to retrieve documents.

David Meier Technical Manager of Information Systems McFarland Clinic PC

This allows our employees to get information they need directly from their desktops in seconds rather than searching multiple applications or digging through paper records and KnowledgeLake Connect functionality lets users quickly save content such as PDF files and email messages to SharePoint on an ad-hoc basis. Documents can be indexed from any desktop application and then saved to SharePoint. It's all part of faster workflows and greater efficiencies across the enterprise.

Kelly Bressette Senior Vice President Middlesex Savings Bank

I could tell from my first interview there was a certain uniqueness to KnowledgeLake, something that sparked my interest in working there, but something I couldn't quite put my finger on. After being with the company a few months now, I can now tell you what that differentiating point is: people here truly enjoy coming to work every day.

Lauren Pesko Corporate Communications and Public Relations Manager - KnowledgeLake Other

The KnowledgeLake solutions is helping us take rooms full of boxes containing archived documents and convert them into electronic records.

Derin Bluhm Chief Information Officer Seattle Financial Group

With Documentum, coding was required for almost any customization, but with SharePoint Server 2010 and KnowledgeLake, customization is more of a configuration task. So it's easier to respond to users who need tweaking of the input or search function, for example, to help them become more productive.

Rebecca Wilson Project Leader Tyson Foods

The solution fit with the integration and compatibility of our existing processes, and is helping us meet our goals of having paperless human resources files and transparent individual access for employees so they can see their own files. The KnowledgeLake technology is helping us increase the efficiency of the HR department by reducing paper and the time it takes to find information. Plus, we can be more environmentally responsible by eliminating paper waste.

Kathie Tourangeau District Principal Edmonton Catholic Schools

We were looking for a way to eliminate the hard-copy review of vendor invoices. The manual routing of paper invoices was causing problems, like invoices getting lost or misplaced. And there was a lack of visibility into the status of where invoices were in the approval process. It was also laborious to file the invoices, with an accounting clerk having to file each invoice in a filing cabinet-and then try to locate past invoices whenever there was an inquiry.

Rick Van Matre Manager of Information Systems Nooter/Eriksen

We looked at other solutions, including PaperSave, 5280 Solutions, and ImageLink.The biggest factor that swayed us is that KnowledgeLake is built for the SharePoint platform. That meant we could easily integrate the KnowledgeLake solution with our existing K2 workflows, allowing our users to continue with the workflows they are already familiar with.

Rick Van Matre Manager of Information Systems Nooter/Eriksen

The solution that Dynamyx proposed was cost effective and enabled Nissan to seamlessly move to the new scanning process and terminate the outsourcing contract. Furthermore the solution was considered to be easy to use and maintain - underpinned by the Fujitsu Workgroup Scanners that required very little training.

Maria Nagy Financial Projects Nissan Europe

KnowledgeLake delivers a visual aid for our accounts payable department so they can see exactly how much an invoice is for, when it was received, and what needs to be paid. That helps expedite our payment processes.

Brian Griffeth Senior Systems Analyst TricorBraun

For example, once we were able to use KnowledgeLake and SharePoint, we cut the labor grievance process to about 10 minutes per grievance, down from about 4.5 hours in the past.

Ron Borden Executive Director Midwest Operating Engineers

SharePoint is behind our company intranet and is the central repository for all our documents. Our user base was already familiar with SharePoint, so there was no need to deploy new or different software to search and view documents. This solution makes it easy for employees to search for documents using the KnowledgeLake components that are integrated into SharePoint.

Raul Mital Data Technology Project Leader Hexcel

When drivers turned in their paperwork after delivering a vehicle, for example, the documents were processed by a clerk, then they were mailed to corporate headquarters once a week for scanning and storage. This resulted in large shipping costs and significant time delays in claims processing. We also have periodic financial audits where we are asked to present documents related to wire transfers and checks. We needed a solution that would be more efficient than one that involved hunting through boxes every time we needed to find a document.

Tim Rice Web Developer ATC Transportation

With the KnowledgeLake ECM software, we no longer have to manually file copies of every invoice and check stub.Every invoice and check stub is scanned into SharePoint, providing our accounting department with quick access to payment records. KnowledgeLake helped us eliminate hard-copy file storage and empowered us with a robust search and retrieval process that we never had before. It's providing a quick return on investment in man hours saved by dramatically cutting down on the time it takes to search for invoices.

Rick Van Matre Manager of Information Systems Nooter/Eriksen

I enjoyed the training. You delivered the products and features in a very practical and understanding way, which kept me interested and alert the entire 4 days.

Roger Amaral Training Quote - Process Fusion

With KnowledgeLake, we've been able to substantially improve internal processes while being able to save time and money-and enhance the service to our customers with even greater responsiveness to requests.

Tim Rice Web Developer ATC Transportation

Installation was largely completed in two days with a small amount of KnowledgeLake intervention required after the fact. Any lingering setup and configuration questions or issues were resolved during a brief telephone conversation. Overall the installation was hassle free.

Jeff Rhein Director of Information Technologies Sho-Me Power Electric Cooperative

Key considerations in selecting a document management solution are out-of-the-box functionality for simple straightforward document storage needs and standard integration with university applications. KnowledgeLake's strong track record of support and expertise, together with the product's tight integration with Microsoft frameworks, allows us to leverage existing resources when custom development is required. That makes it a natural choice for planned projects.

Denise Hirschbeck Assistant Vice Chancellor for Information Services and Technology Washington University

It made a lot of sense. The key factor is that Knowledge products are based on and integrate with our Microsoft technology, including SharePoint and the Windows operating system.

Kathie Tourangeau District Principal Edmonton Catholic Schools

Plus we are under very strict compliance laws for records. Dealing with file cabinets made that process a lot harder.

Drew Madelung Enterprise Content Management and Sharepoint Specialist Milwaukee Center For Independence

The deployment went smoothly. Our users were already familiar with Microsoft Office and the SharePoint interface, and the familiar interface of the KnowledgeLake products, which closely resembles other Microsoft software, made training pretty easy.

David Nelson Director of IT Comet Industries

Like most companies, we were dealing with a lot of paper. It slowed the search and retrieval of business information. We were spending an inordinate amount of time just gathering and looking up paper files to put information into the ERP system. We wanted to find a Microsoft-based product that would help us with our document management needs and would cut time and costs by integrating easily with our other enterprise software, including SharePoint and Dynamics GP.

David Nelson Director of IT Comet Industries

We're working with the KnowledgeLake technology to enhance our preparedness in case of disaster. We are now exploring an upgrade to SharePoint 2010 and building a server farm to enable real-time replication and redundancy for disaster recovery purposes.

Jerry Levy Vice President of Administration Invenergy Clean Energy Company

Department managers are now more accountable for their departmental budgets…all workflow items they are prompted to approve now display the posting account that the transaction will be posted to once approved. There are no more month-end surprises.

Michael Borgna CFO Data2

Prior to implementation we used a paper system. Even when using ACH [payroll services] for some vendors, we still had to rely on paper processes to review and get signatures for approvals. With the new accounts payable system running through KnowledgeLake and SharePoint, it is much faster to establish authority limits and notification of pending approvals needed. The savings of time and money are already paying dividends.

Paul Kaster Director of Business Services New Water

The KnowledgeLake search capabilities and metadata associated with the documents allow S.J. Smith to access information quicker, which in turn helps our employees provide customers with better service.

Kyle Shradel Systems Development Specialist S.J. Smith Co., Inc.

Accurate filing is critical to us as we are a growing business. The high volumes of paper generated by the business represented a growing risk to the organisation

Geoff Griffith IT Manager Clearwater

They all had drawbacks. They were either difficult to administer, they could not scale to keep up with our growth, or they had complex user interfaces. We also wanted to avoid proprietary systems that would have limited support systems.

Shawn Carlson Chief Information Officer Tradition Capital Bank

Overall, it let us reduce the space we need for our pension and annuity department by about 70 percent. Going forward, the solution will allow us to reclaim enough square footage to accommodate company growth without incurring additional rent.

Steve Kokotovich Director of Production and Support Services BeneSys

Teams like Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Quoting, and Order Entry have realized significant productivity gains by establishing consistent, streamlined, and repeatable processes for managing incoming requests for their services. Plus, we've seen additional productivity benefits that have resulted from having an easy, secure method for retrieving information needed to handle customer requests. Storing our documents electronically on the SharePoint intranet makes it easier for employees to easily access that information from any location within the Pella system.

Paul Van Beek Senior Web Technical Analyst Pella Corporation

The fact that we didn't have an adequate solution to Document Imaging out of the box with SharePoint was another hurdle, but this was solved with the implementation of KnowledgeLake.

Doug Sutherland Web Architect Jefferson County Public Schools

Less human interaction means fewer errors, with the 2D barcodes we are now expecting even fewer errors.

Philip Hesse Network Administrator Motability