Intelligent Capture

Machine learning–powered automated document classification and data capture in the cloud for improved accuracy and performance.

Automated document classification and capture, powered by machine learning

To gain insight into the content that drives critical business processes, you must first identify what data is important, classify and extract that information, and then populate systems and processes in ways that will boost operational excellence. That can be difficult to do using outdated capture applications.

What if every time you classified and captured a document, your content management platform got smarter? What if you could empower business users to manage and onboard new document types as needed?

By combining patent-pending machine-learning technology with traditional OCR capabilities, KnowledgeLake's Capture Services can create a "digital fingerprint" of each document type. Automated document classification and capture based on both content and layout unlock speed and accuracy that far outpace traditional capture tools like OCR engines alone.

Your extracted data is automatically routed to the business process it fuels, and your documents are simultaneously routed to your repository according to metadata, taking the guesswork out of how and where to store things.


Regardless of where content enters your organization, KnowledgeLake makes accessing that document and data easier and more effective.

Supervised and automated learning

From just a few samples, KnowledgeLake can "learn" a new content type and create a "digital fingerprint," which it uses to automatically classify related documents going forward—no human interaction required.

Bi-directional connectivity

KnowledgeLake reads and inherits the taxonomy already established in your repository, then uses the metadata to both inform which information to capture and automatically create a "digital fingerprint" of the document.

True production scanning

Rich desktop-like experience from a web browser. With KnowledgeLake web-based scanning, profile and scan settings are configured centrally and then automatically shared with users.

The machine-learning technology powering capture services

KnowledgeLake’s digital fingerprinting technology expands the possibilities for process automation: It intelligently associates new documents with the metadata already established in your repository and even identifies documents that were originally misclassified.


New Belgium Brewery is a leading employee-owned, US craft beer producer. They initially deployed KnowledgeLake to go paperless and streamline critical business processes in Finance & Accounting, HR, Legal, and Environmental Health & Safety across two regional headquarters.

Through an ongoing partnership of innovation with KnowledgeLake, the company’s IT organization has most recently implemented machine-learning classification and capture capabilities.

What else can you do with the KnowledgeLake Platform?


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