Business Process & Document Automation

Amplify productivity, stay agile and get ahead of the competition.

Simplify Employees’ Workdays

Transform your business processes with intelligent, end-to-end document automation.

Work Smarter

Eliminate paper, snail mail, email and disjointed systems from your business processes.

Identify & Address Bottlenecks

Identify bottlenecks – then monitor, analyze and revise processes to drive greater efficiencies.

By leveraging KnowledgeLake and Nintex platforms, we deliver cutting-edge business process and document automation solutions.

Delivering quick ROI with solutions that:

KnowledgeLake brings efficiency to every corner of your organization by delivering process and document automation solutions to help your team.

Manage Content

Create, update, publish and route content

Send Notifications

Notify your employees of alerts via emails and IMs

schedule workflow tasks

Schedule Tasks

Ensure timely and accurate completion of your tasks and business processes

Onboarding Workflow Asset Allocation

Allocate Resources

Provision systems, accounts and assets

Task Approval Workflow

Approve Requests

Review and approve important reports and requests

KnowledgeLake helps your org work smarter with document automation solutions.

Record Data

Gather information via laptops, smartphones and tablets


Free SharePoint Business Process Automation Kit Download

Free Kit: Business Process Automation for SharePoint

This three-part kit will help you understand the challenges, benefits and best practices for planning Business Process Automation in Microsoft SharePoint.


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How can we help you automate your business processes?

KnowledgeLake brings efficiency to every corner of your organization by implementing business process and document automation solutions that ensure your team can tackle the strategic tasks.

1First, start with the people.

This initial phase focuses on listening to your people. We study how team members perform their work, interact with documents, their processes and each other. We learn how and why this content is valuable as we track its movement through the organization’s workers, decision-makers and business systems.

2Identify process bottlenecks.

We identify processes that are failing or could benefit from greater optimization:

  • How much time is wasted on a task that could be optimized?
  • How many mistakes could be eliminated through automation?
  • How do we ensure compliance with company or industry regulations?
  • Can a process take less time or demand fewer people to work with it?

3Devise a more optimized process.

We conduct interviews and workshops with customers to ensure an agile approach to solving inefficiencies. We work with your subject matter experts to ensure we follow protocols and compliance rules.

We document new process design flows, identify integration points within the organization, detect other systems and determine automation points.

4Apply technology, then train and expand.

Finally, we construct your decision engine. We take our key learnings and designs from the discovery phase to apply no code or low code solutions using Nintex, a globally-recognized workflow platform with an established user community.

We educate and train end users on using their newly enhanced workflows. We can also enable internal technical support or analysts to tweak configurations or create new workflows, as your business rules change or evolve. This makes change management easier, allows for workflows to be enhanced in-house and is less expensive.

Thousands of hours of business process and document automation experience within organizations across almost every industry.

"Using digital solutions at our distribution centers so bill of ladings are on electronic forms, allowing them to be signed digitally rather than having drivers sign papers and then shipping them back to be scanned into SharePoint."

Tye Eyden Collaboration Analyst

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"We have the ability to more easily keep track of client files, implement workflows where time-sensitive documents are involved, and automate many of our processes that in the past took hours or days to complete.”

Patrick Markarian Information Systems Manager

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"To help the document management process, AIB uses Nintex workflow software, which integrates with SharePoint to give users a variety of review and approval options. The solution also integrates with a custom, Microsoft .NETbased line-of-business application used for managing cases and referrals."

Ira Dobrow Development Manager

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