Business Automation

Business Process Automation (BPA) with SharePoint

Experience faster, more robust and efficient business outcomes with SharePoint automation
Undergo a boost in productivity, process transparency and cost savings as you streamline your document-intensive, back-office routines with SharePoint automation. KnowledgeLake business process management helps ensure a pain-free transition to automation as our solution amends to an organization’s unique business processes.

Increase process management visibility

Transforming manual, paper-based processes into electronic, automated processes enables organizations to effortlessly monitor, measure and improve back office business outcomes. SharePoint automation drives accountability and transparency into the organization, while highlighting continuous opportunities for process management improvement.
Learn how ATC Transportation gained visibility into their business processes with automation.

Reduce organizational risks with better process management

Business process automation (BPA) can lower legal and regulatory risks by classifying and storing content in an orderly manner and making it easily accessible for compliance purposes. Reduce or eliminate the direct and hidden costs, wasted time and other adverse effects, such as lost or misplaced documents and incorrect information.
See how Pioneer Pole Buildings enhances compliance and reduces costs with their ECM solution.
Easy Financial Document Management

Augment employee and customer satisfaction

Cutting the number of manual, time-consuming, repetitive business process management tasks can lead to productivity and efficiency gains, as staff can shift their focus from low impact activities to more strategic, fulfilling projects. Immediate access to information can improve responsiveness and satisfaction when answering internal and customer inquiries.
Blend people, information and processes to improve collaboration enterprise-wide.
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Improve collaboration across the enterprise

For most businesses, individual employees, departments and their supporting technologies have evolved separately into information silos making it extremely difficult to share corporate content across the organization. Content automation encourages process consistency and repeatable outcomes that replace information silos with enterprise platforms and applications making collaboration second nature.
See how we help improve collaboration - blending people, information and processes.

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We felt that the KnowledgeLake Imaging Solution on top of Microsoft SharePoint would meet our ECM needs. The result is a unified infrastructure to build an enterprise intranet portal for employee collaboration, business process flow automation, information sharing, and integration into line-of-business applications.
Kelly Bressette
Senior Vice President