ECM Business Consulting

Enterprise Content Management Business Consulting

KnowledgeLake’s experienced business consulting team will provide you with the roadmap that will help you make sound ECM decisions
Our experienced ECM advisors work with you to develop a clear understanding of your business strategies, performance challenges, improvement opportunities, business case requirements, timing and budgetary considerations.
ECM Strategy

ECM strategy planning

Business process planning is a key strategy in today’s ECM environment. We will help you prepare an overall project roadmap for the deployment of ECM capabilities including the sequence and timing of departmental deployments and any phasing-in of progressive functionality.

KnowledgeLake works with you to create a business case that contains estimated costs and benefits associated with each phase of the ECM journey and we will help you socialize the strategy and business case with your constituents.

SharePoint Taxonomy

The right taxonomy strategy is critical

Applying the right taxonomy strategy to your enterprise content enables your employees to quickly upload, find and view the right documents at the right time. Following KnowledgeLake's best practices is the number one thing you can do to help ensure a successful project. Retroactively applying taxonomies is extremely painful and costly.

SharePoint Workflow

Automating document-intensive processes

Automating document-intensive business processes will help you remove costs from your enterprise while generating productivity and efficiency gains. Our experienced ECM business professionals will help you map out your current business processes and design an automated solution that provides consistent and repeatable outcomes with management visibility.
Forms Processing

Advanced forms processing

Part of a true ECM solution includes answering the question, “How do we capture all of our documents and also extract the key information contained in these documents?” The key is the use of KnowledgeLake’s document recognition software and SharePoint. The next question is, “How do we do it?”

The answer is KnowledgeLake’s Professional Services. As with our Capture products, we have extensive business consulting experience when it comes to document and forms processing. We will evaluate your environment and configure your solution based on your requirements and SharePoint best practices.

ECM implementation

Implementation services

The KnowledgeLake deployment experience starts with the implementation of our core imaging and document management solutions with Microsoft SharePoint as its backbone. We take this further by integrating with core Line-of-Business applications to provide your business with a true ECM environment.

Our collective business consulting and Professional Services teams leverage our proven deployment methodology to get you up and running quickly and cost-effectively across your enterprise.  All projects are expertly managed and we are deeply committed to long-term successful client partnerships.

Let our team work with you to bring together people, process and technology to transform your business processes into a true ECM environment.

Contact us today for more information on our business consulting services.

The combination of expertise at our district level, together with the KnowledgeLake staff, helped us to be successful in implementing this solution within the Human Resources department. I definitely would recommend KnowledgeLake Professional Services to other organizations.

Kathie Tourangeau
District Principal