Scan, Tag & Upload to Box

Automatically route content to where it belongs in Box to simplify governance and ensure findability

Streamline content gathering and delivery to Box

Feeling overwhelmed by paper documents, e-mails and other business content? Whether uploading or scanning to Box, KnowledgeLake’s browser-based cloud solution simplifies uploading or scanning processes for any department, use case or enterprise.

Mismanaging a document is costly. Make uploading, storing and finding your content stress-free.

Project Source:

Content should know where to go on its own.

Stop forcing users to waste time and make decisions in how and where they store information. Automatically create file and folder names, add document keyword tags and store it securely where it belongs, making sure you know that it can be found later.

Scanning and digitization with Box should be easy.

It should be easy to import emails, paper, electronic and other content without worry of format or where it was born – Microsoft Outlook and Office, from the desktop, from scanners – anywhere. This is 2018, this type of work should be done in a web browser, preventing the pain of installing, using and maintaining clunky desktop applications.

KnowledgeLake simplifies and controls content onboarding to Box.

1Scan, upload or import content from any source or location

KnowledgeLake Capture Server Professional - Machine Learning

TWAIN Scanner • PC / Desktop • Microsoft Outlook • Microsoft Office • Digital Content • Mobile • Multi-Function Copier (MFP/MFD) • Monitored Folders, Network Shares & Inboxes • Mail Room

2Clean-up, convert and process in the cloud

Clean-Up & Optimize • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) • Barcode Recognition • Convert to TIFF, PDF, & Full-Text PDF • Custom Document Processing Workflows

3Tag content with metadata and route automatically

KnowledgeLake Capture Server Professional - Machine Learning
  • Easily tap into your Box Metadata Template structures
  • Tag content manually, from a barcode, from an external data source, or point-and-shoot OCR
  • Send output to auto-named folder and file structures
  • Enhance Box Relay, Governance and Search with documents controlled by metadata

4Work easily with Box and other repositories and systems

Box • Microsoft SharePoint • SharePoint Online • Google Drive • AODocs • Egnyte • FTP Locations • Network / Shared Drives • Nintex

The IT-preferred cloud capture platform, built for growth.

KnowledgeLake provides a low-hassle solution that supports expansion in every direction.
  • Cloud and browser-based

    As a 100% managed cloud solution, KnowledgeLake leaves no software imprint on the user’s PC, lowering IT involvement and total cost of ownership

  • Powerful & customizable

    Robust, out-of-the-box capabilities, yet highly customizable with processing workflows, apps and APIs

  • Manage any volume of content

    Handle small to massive amounts of content -- whether paper or digital, structured or unstructured -- from any source or in any format

  • Store it flexibly

    Collect, process, and route critical business content to numerous cloud storage platforms, ECM repositories or business systems

  • Integrate to boost efficiency

    Inherit your existing Box taxonomies and integrate with your line-of-business systems as a powerful data source

  • Increase user adoption

    Generate high user adoption through automation and a simple browser-based user experience that requires minimal training

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