Winning the St. Louis Top Workplace 2019 Award

Winning the St. Louis Top Workplace 2019 Award

By Tori Cameron on July 18, 2019

One Year—Many Positive Changes

Today, KnowledgeLake received the 2019 Top Workplace award, and I’ve quickly learned that it’s unfortunately not as easy as it would seem to find an employer that genuinely cares about and invests in you and your colleagues—not just as workers, but as people—as much as KnowledgeLake does. It’s this simple fact that has helped KnowledgeLake earn—for the third year in our history—this year’s St. Louis Top Workplace award.

Winning the award reinforces all the positive changes that have ensued at KnowledgeLake in only one year: One of the most notable has been the opening of a modern, multi-use, open-concept space in the center of our office in May. Known internally as the Cardinals’ Club, the large space includes lunch tables, workspaces, a TV, a bowling-golf combo arcade game, and beer taps, but my personal favorites are the array of snacks that I always take packs of Famous Amos cookies from and the fancy coffee bar that facilitates my now three-espresso-shot-a-day habit (just for the record—no, KnowledgeLake does not condone adopting my unbalanced and slightly worrisome diet of processed sugar and pure caffeine).

It would be easy to simply chalk up the positive work environment at KnowledgeLake to all the nice freebies and cool office spaces we’ve come to enjoy, but the truth is that KnowledgeLake attracts the kind of people you want to work with; that’s why we’ve won the Top Workplace award again this year. To give you the full picture, I wanted to talk to other K-Lakers to see why they enjoy working at KnowledgeLake.

"If You Take Care Of Your Customers And Your Employees, The Bottom Line Will Take Care Of Itself”

One of our Technical Support representatives, Paul Kramer, mentioned a recent office-wide paintball outing as a highlight. In retelling how our Vice President of Product Management, Jason Burian, got everyone on the KnowledgeLake team hyped up to beat an opposing team they’d met there, he said it reinforced that “you know, we’re a team. [It] was cool.” Likening the experience to the “work hard, play hard” mentality common at KnowledgeLake, he said that “there will be times of pressure and hard work, but it doesn’t mean you can’t have fun.”

He also enjoys the Cardinals’ Club because it means similar office-wide get-togethers happen more frequently than they used to before it was built: “We used to go to The Post across the street maybe twice a year. Now it’s a lot easier to get together, and it happens a lot more frequently, which is nice.” Another thing that Paul mentioned—which I’ve experienced firsthand—is that KnowledgeLake employees are welcoming and accepting of newcomers, and there’s not a barrier between existing employees and new employees as is common at a lot of other organizations: “[People] start and they can jump right in. There’s no clique you have to work your way into.”

My fellow Marketing Coordinator, Taylor Stroot, highlighted that “we care a lot about our employees; every time an employee has a reason to celebrate—even if it doesn’t have to do with KnowledgeLake—we celebrate it too.” Here she mentions the most recent example of this: A Star Wars-themed party we had in the Cardinals’ Club a few weeks ago in celebration of Charlie Goble’s, our Technical Consultant, son’s last round of chemotherapy. She continues, “We’re a very family-oriented company, and we live by the philosophy that, if you take care of your customers and your employees, the bottom line will take care of itself.”

When talking about coming to work at KnowledgeLake every day, our Vice President of Product Management, Jason Burian, said it best:

A lot of us stuck around for the right reasons because we believe in what we’re doing here. And I can tell you that, today, it’s a lot easier to get up and put my feet on the ground and come into work. [I’m a] lot more motivated to be here than [I was] a number of years ago. And that’s because I get to work with all of you guys.”

It’s a great feeling to work at a company that puts in the work to create a positive environment for its employees, whether it's through hiring people who are great to work with or through building cool spaces like the Cardinals’ Club and the Top Workplace award reflects that. As our CEO, Ron Cameron, so aptly said, “what feels better than that—than having a cool, fun place to come to work?”.

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