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Ah, filing papers. One of the most mundane, frustrating tasks, especially when you share filing cabinets with Greg, who changes organizational methods every month. Or when your company buys a cringe-worthy amount of manila folders to keep those 4 year old receipts. Not to mention your office’s storage closet is an environmentalists’ nightmare, isn’t it? So, what is digitization? How can it help you and your organization?

What is digitization? KnowledgeLake answers this question

The concept of digitization is probably one you are already familiar with. Have you ever heard of “going paperless”? Digitization is a more general term to describe transitioning from analog to digital. Analog, of course, being paper.

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Essentially, by scanning, indexing, and migrating documents into a content management system (CMS) like SharePoint or Office 365, you can create a large, accessible library without the need for actual paper. Any document (resumes, invoices, and even sticky notes) can easily be uploaded to a CMS where it will be stored, safe and sound.

But this is more important than just being organized. What is digitization? Companies should seek digitization for three primary reasons:


Eliminate the cost and inefficiencies of paper

Avoid unnecessary risk

Improve organizational decision-making

Going paperless has truly become the mainstream way to handle document-heavy business functions, so your business might be behind the curve if you don’t have a digitization strategy in place yet.

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We snagged some great statistics from AIIM on going paperless and compiled them together in a short, but sweet, whitepaper. Here we take you through some of the biggest reasons to digitize, because otherwise, you might be exposing your company to unnecessary risks.

You don’t have to be a business owner to read this. (But if you are, you should). Simply adjusting to paperless methods in your own work habits or whole department will benefit your company. Of course, digitizing the entire business will provide the most benefits.

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We are the ECM experts and can guide you through your digitization journey. Going paperless can be hard, so don’t go at it alone. Grab the whitepaper and then contact us to get started.