Trek Streamlines Content Management Methods Competitive Edge

Any cycling enthusiast knows the brand name, Trek. Yet, it wasn’t always that way.

A little more than 40 years ago Dick Burke, and handful of employees, began producing touring bicycles designed to compete against the European cycles dominating the market. At that time, handling invoices, contracts, payroll and other business documents was a fairly uncomplicated effort.

Since controlling Trek’s content management wasn’t a concern, Burke could focus on more important matters — like fostering an environment of creativity and innovation as well as establish a culture of craftsmanship. Burke sought to challenge the notion that only the best bicycles were built abroad. He believed he could establish a different kind of company and create a legacy of positive change.

KnowledgeLake helped Trek tackle their business content management challengesOver the decades, Trek Bicycle Corporation, has grown to 1,800 employees with 28 offices and numerous manufacturing facilities. The organization fabricates a variety of bikes for triathletes, commuters and kids as well as consumers looking for customized, electric or mountain bicycles. The company also produces other brands like BCycle, Bontrager and Electra bicycles.

Becoming a leading maker of bicycles, with retailers in 30 countries, meant managing an escalating amount of internal, business-critical documents.The content management issues proved not only difficult but time-consuming and inefficient.

“To maintain our successful growth and competitiveness, we needed great automation to enable fast access to documents and information,” said David Peterson, Trek’s enterprise collaboration manager.

Trek enlisted KnowledgeLake for help. Implementing an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system on top of their SharePoint system, KnowledgeLake’s solution enabled Trek to digitize and upload documents directly to SharePoint libraries and folders and automatically extract metadata which is utilized to search for and retrieve content.

Trek soon incorporated KnowledgeLake’s solution throughout the company. Trek’s SharePoint system has become their centralized repository for storing critical information, streamlining daily operations. Employees can access necessary content with ease and speed.

Trek leadership has also benefited from the advances and expansion.

“We work in a highly competitive industry,” said Peterson. “The KnowledgeLake solution gives our business decision makers the ability to rapidly find information, which in turn expedites decision-making. The new ECM solution is a core component of a more competitive business.

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