Validated Content Isn’t Overrated: Tip of the Week:

Imagine, you just purchased a new house and you’re excited to pack up everything and start over fresh. For most of us, moving usually presents a good time to sift through items both old and new to decide what makes the cut for this new stage of our lives. Yet, a lot of the time we are rushing to move everything over in the last minute, toting along things that shouldn’t have been brought along.

When it comes to migrations in the business world, it’s the same as buying a new house. You get excited for a fresh start, and find yourself rushing at the last minute to move everything over, telling yourself “it’s OK, I’ll get it all sorted out once we’re moved.” This is one of the worst things you can do in a migration. Taking the time to ensure every document is accounted for before being moved is one of the best things you can do, and it is the key to a successful migration.

Because your users are the ones who know your data best, use them to validate every piece of content being moved. Doing this will give you the fresh start you’ve been wanting, with structured taxonomies and no lingering data that shouldn’t have made the move. Plus, having every piece validated confirms that every file follows any regulatory laws, making your new environment audit-prepared from the start.