Identify Your Governance Leader, Board or Committee Tip

Governance is the key to success in enterprise content management (ECM). The first step to governance is to identify the leader or leaders that will become your ECM champion. They will be the one in charge identifying your company’s pain points and researching the solutions to fix them, as well as implementing plans, so you want to ensure they are someone you trust to handle this crucial point of business operations.

How to Identify Members of Your Governance Board or Committee:

  • Employees who know or are familiar with ECM
  • Team members who are enthusiastic about new technology
  • Adaptable, as the ECM and technology world change constantly
  • Those who can get employees excited about adopting new processes
  • Someone you trust to spend on behalf of your company
  • Can talk candidly with executive leadership


If you operate a smaller organization, you might only have resources for a leader, rather than board or committee. If so, look to your records manager, who from our experience, will act as the ECM governance leader for their company.  

Your governance team is the one who is accountable for your ECM strategic direction, choosing a solution that aligns the goals of all departments, and securing the resources and external guidance that will make it happen. It sounds like a big job, because it is! That’s why picking the right governance leader is one of the most important things for making ECM goals, a reality.