Assess Change Readiness On EC Platform: Tip of the Week

The smoothest transitions to an ECM platform are when everyone is on board. How do you get everyone on the team excited? You involve them in the process and take their needs into consideration, every last one of them.

How to Assess Change Readiness:

Get an idea of the readiness of your team when it comes to change by asking the questions below.

  • Is your team unclear on why changes are needed?
  • Have you been clear about the benefits and reason for bringing change but they are unsupportive? Why?
  • Are they worried about automation destroying their creative thinking at work?
  • Reluctant to acknowledge the current weaknesses in their processes?
  • Anxious about transitioning away from the familiar?
  • Nervous about training and the potential of failing?
  • Worried important documents will be lost during the change?


After asking these questions, you will get an idea of any hesitations your team might have. Document them and integrate them into an overarching ECM strategy, ensuring your employees’ needs are always at the forefront of project shaping.

Bringing the team together to discuss their issues with change, will not only make them feel involved in the company’s future, it will alleviate a lot of their worries about deploying an ECM solution.