The Benefits of Automating Human Resources Processes

By KnowledgeLake on October 21, 2019

From resumes and emergency contact forms to I-9's, W-4’s, e-mails, and PDF documents, human resources departments tend to get engulfed in extensive amounts of paper documents. As a result, managing HR processes such as HR onboarding for new employees can be a mammoth task.

If your organization's HR processes—especially the onboarding process—is entirely manual, an employee must track down a variety of documents that the new employee completes then manually enter the data into their system. This task is not only time-consuming and tedious but increases the odds of unintended errors and typos.

The KnowledgeLake Cloud platform helps you intelligently automate HR processes like employee onboarding. Due to the information needed by the organization, HR professionals must also secure sensitive employee data. Controlling and limiting access to employee records can be challenging when working with paper. How does an HR professional do so beyond locking the file cabinet?

In short, there is no easy way to manage HR processes and documents with manually based methods. Instead of being a strategic asset to an organization, HR professionals get bogged down with tracking, storing, and locating necessary forms. The growing complexity of business challenges an HR department faces every day impacts an organization's bottom line and long-term business goals.

When organizations automate HR processes like onboarding, they quickly realize a multitude of benefits. These include:

  • Reduced time spent searching for necessary files and documents.
  • Improved data security.
  • Consistent, standardized processes across the department.
  • Fewer data entry errors and lost or misplaced documents.
  • Less stressful and time-consuming compliance audits.

The KnowledgeLake Cloud platform automatically classifies and captures documents and relevant data as they're uploaded, allowing you to automate HR processes like onboarding new employees and managing employee records. 

Reach out to our experts now to learn more about how the KnowledgeLake Cloud platform can automate your HR department's processes to make it more streamlined and efficient. 

About KnowledgeLake:

KnowledgeLake provides content management solutions that help busy organizations intelligently automate their most important document processes. Since 1999, we've created award-winning, Microsoft-centric solutions that have helped thousands of companies around the world focus on their mission rather than their mission-critical documents.


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