Ariens Streamlines Business Processes to Boost Productivity

Almost 85 years ago, the Ariens Company embarked on an enterprise with just four employees in Brillion, Wisconsin. Today, the privately-owned company employs 1,500 people across the US, United Kingdom and Norway. The organization, now run by the fourth generation of the Ariens family, manufactures and sells outdoor power equipment made for consumers and professionals.

Over the years, as the company grew, they realized managing high volume of incoming and outgoing accounts receivables and accounts payables was a mammoth task. They needed a consistent processing procedure to reduce costs as well as a way to facilitate collaboration between multiple departments.

However, they were searching for a solution that streamlines business processes while complimenting their Microsoft SharePoint and Dynamics AX platforms. That’s when they chose KnowledgeLake.

Ariens streamlines business processess

Building upon resources already in place, Ariens deployed KnowledgeLake’s document imaging solution within several of their specialty brands’ Accounts Receiveable/Accounts Payable Departments.

By incorporating KnowledgeLake’s document capture solution, these other brands were able to quickly convert high volumes of paper documents into a digital format to be centralized and imported from multiple, remote locations. KnowledgeLake’s document capture and processing platform enables Ariens to automatically process 5,000 documents a night and ultimately, streamlines business processes.

“We have greatly streamlined our document management process, saving time and money for our Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable departments,” said Scott Musich, Application Specialist II

KnowledgeLake was also able to migrate more than 15 different document types from Ariens’ previous document repositories. To learn more, check out Ariens’ full story.

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