Transformation: SharePoint Online Document Management Solutions

As more organizations adopt Microsoft SharePoint Online to help them achieve their “paperless office” goals, they need to address how to capture data from paper documents so the information can be indexed, then routed to the right place, and ultimately found when needed. Some businesses wonder what’s the best way to achieve this goal in the long run? Is it to patiently wait for legacy systems to develop such capabilities, or should they make the most of their SharePoint Online investment by augmenting it with a document management solution?

KnowledgeLake’s ECM capabilities can enhance the SharePoint Online user experience in a number of ways. For example, incorporating KnowledgeLake’s scalable document processing solution provides a much-needed framework to SharePoint so structured  or unstructured information is easily accessible for years to come. Once KnowledgeLake’s solution is in place, this online document processing platform can help employees transform their document management solution. For example:

      • 1. Scan and capture to SharePoint Online
      • Paper and electronic documents can be scanned and imported from sources like desktop scanners, PC’s, file shares, monitored e-mail and Microsoft Outlook. Content can be easily captured across a variety of locations such as other offices, campuses and departments then secured in one central location.
      • 2. Clean and process documents
      • Once documents are imported and “cleaned up”, data can be automated and extracted. This step includes image enhancement techniques such as removing coffee stains, converting file types, and automatically categorizing and indexing documents so they can be easily found later. The extracted information can be added to a workflow process or other downstream system, adding additional business value.
      • 3. Centralize and route content
      • Data stored in separate and disparate business systems lead to lost productivity, longer response times and increased employee frustration. KnowledgeLake’s solution ensures documents are centralized and routed simultaneously to SharePoint or SharePoint Online. Users don’t have to understand complicated SharePoint hierarchies or folder structures in order to upload their data, or access it later.
      • 4. Find information
      • An effective search experience relies upon the ability to effectively leverage metadata from properly indexed information. This ensures higher levels of productivity and a happier workday for enabled employees – and is a big help during audits. KnowledgeLake helps eliminate information silos, speed up business processes and improve customer satisfaction by allowing employees to easily find information.

Witness how KnowledgeLake can optimize your SharePoint Online investment, enable business operations, increase productivity and transform your document management solution.

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