Hybrid Cloud Solutions in SharePoint: When is it a good fit?

Business of all sizes — across industries and verticals — are adopting cloud solutions to stay agile and efficient. Platforms like Microsoft SharePoint Online, via Office 365, might seem to be a more attractive addition or alternative to your SharePoint on-premises environment. But, does this move make sense for your organization? Should you make the leap? Or, do SharePoint hybrid cloud solutions make sense?

To answer this question, it is necessary to of hybrid cloud solutions. (Or feel free to contact us.)

Business scenarios where a SharePoint hybrid deployment makes sense include:

There’s hesitancy to migrate certain information

For companies housing important data on legacy servers, the migration process can be complex and may require a great deal of care in planning and execution. In some cases, maintaining the servers might be easier to than trying to move all the data to the cloud. Many organizations consider taking a day-forward approach — archived data stays on-premises but future information is saved to the cloud.

Regulatory constraints are an issue

When do hybrid cloud solutions in SharePoint make sense?A company’s sensitive data might necessitate a tightly-controlled environment, like SharePoint on-premises. Yet, the organization can still reap big rewards by utilizing SharePoint Online. In these types of cases, SharePoint hybrid cloud solutions ensure critical information is closely guarded and regulatory compliance is adhered to while any other information or newly formed business processes can be migrated to the cloud.

There’s concern about possible process disruption

Enterprises worry about possible business process disturbances, or worse, critical procedures grinding to a halt. SharePoint hybrid cloud solutions can minimize interruptions, give greater control regarding your move from on-premises to the cloud and allow you to extend the activity over the course of several years.

It makes financial sense

At times, depending on user counts and a host of other factors, hybrid could solutions can be less expensive than implementing a complete content migration to SharePoint Online. For example, a company might have so much invested on-premises that a cloud solution would be too expensive. Hybrid functionality makes is possible for an organization to extend its on-premises investments.

However, if an organization is paying to have on-premises hardware, maintenance and the other associated costs, in addition to the expenses concerning Office 365, it can become an expensive venture. This is why a hybrid strategy is often seen as a transitional one.

A transitional strategy is necessary

If an organization’s goal is to eventually leave SharePoint on-premises, hybrid cloud solutions allow time to prepare infrastructure and plan a SharePoint migration and other on-premises processes. This also lends an opportunity to ensure infrastructure and third-party integrations are fully operational in SharePoint Online. This stepping stone approach can also smooth the process of user adoption.

A simplified backup and recovery processes is warranted

If an organization possesses a number of team sites, libraries and lists, offloading the larger structures, content libraries to SharePoint simplifying the on-premise backup and recovery processes. This enables a business to keep a reduced footprint on-premises, making your backups and recoveries less complex and costly.

Agility and freedom are greatly needed

Is there a need for deep application development? Maybe the organization relies on third party applications or other customizations. Perhaps a company wants to build first-class external sharing capabilities while protecting internal data. SharePoint hybrid cloud solutions can provide a great deal of flexibility, enabling employees to connect to their internal data while still allowing the appropriate content to be surfaced to external parties using the power of the SharePoint Online.

Whatever your unique challenges or business needs, KnowledgeLake can provide expertise and solutions to help your organization seamlessly switch to a hybrid SharePoint environment.

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