Paperless Document Management Adopting Paperless Environment

Paperless Document Management Adopting Paperless Environment

by KnowledgeLake on Mar 27, 2018

With a myriad of business technology options available, paperless document management is becoming a reality for some companies. According to the e-book, What We Learned from the AIIM Community in 2016: What We See In 2017, "65% of respondents interviewed in August of 2016 indicated the demand for paperless communications was rising.”

Paperless document management is definitely an appealing option as paper-based processes tend to be time-consuming, costly and inefficient. Waiting to address these issues is simply counterproductive to an organization, as some of our KnowledgeLake clients learned:

“It never seemed wise for us to store and handle all this paper in such a manual way, but we’ve always had so many projects and growth going on that we never had the opportunity to make the change. With the new facility underway, though, we didn’t want to maintain these legacy processes. We had to solve the paper dilemma to better manage the company as an enterprise operation."--Tye Eyden, Collaboration Analyst at New Belgium Brewery


"The sheer volume of paper we dealt with was affecting essential business processes, such as accounts payable, payroll, and legal. We had to find a better solution for dealing with essential documents. We wanted to streamline key processes, such as AP payments, eliminate the need to store boxes of paper, and provide electronic indexing and visibility to documents across the business.”

--Rama Sundaram, Director of Technology for MJB

Proper document digitization of content frees your enterprise of its paper problem. Many paper documents can be scanned, then tagged and routed to a central repository --  reducing paper while ensuring fast, easy access to vital content. Even with basic capture and search capabilities, your business can make great strides towards creating an effective paperless document management system while securing information.

”The ability to find information is so much easier, enabling us to perform routine tasks in a timelier manner."
--David Peterson, Enterprise Collaboration Manager for Trek Bicycles

Why minimize manual methods?

There are a number of advantages to employing a document capture solution to help you set up your paperless document management system.  A few benefits are:

  • Faster customer response
  • Reduced risks of data loss from theft, fire or other catastrophes since a disaster recovery process can preserve business systems and information
  • Higher productivity levels and time savings when locating necessary documents
  • Increased collaboration within teams, departments or offices
  • Fewer file cabinets filling valuable workspace
  • Reduced expenditures from shipping documents to departments off-campus or in other offices

Scanning paper documents into a document management system could mean you and your team will be freed up to dream about transforming the space that originally housed the file cabinets. Plus, by shrinking paper, copier and shipping costs, your paperless office solutions may free up some funds to carry through on that new amazing idea.


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