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Microsoft Mark Kashman talks SharePoint & Cloud Leveraging

By KnowledgeLake | February 15, 2017

Recently, we caught up with Mark Kashman, Senior Product Manager at Microsoft about SharePoint, moving to the cloud, SharePint and more. KL: With all of the enhancements to SharePoint, with more to come, how do you see the Partner Community playing a role in the $10B ecosystem? MK: Microsoft scales through partners, period. Not a secret I hope.…

SPTechCon 2016 Top 3 Questions With KnowledgeLake

By KnowledgeLake | December 14, 2016

When the SharePoint Technology Conference (SPTechCon) returned last week in the San Francisco Bay Area, KnowledgeLake was there. The event offered more than 80 classes and panel sessions to help attendees improve their skill and knowledge around SharePoint collaboration and productivity. As we spoke to visitors who stopped by our both, members of the KnowledgeLake team and…

ECM Framework Planning Ultimate Checklist

By KnowledgeLake | December 7, 2016

Most organizations are inundated with content – be it applications, reports, invoices, or other mission-critical business documents. Important records can easily wind up mismanaged, misfiled, or worse – completely lost in the shuffle. Content that’s tough to find, inaccurately processed, or even destroyed, creates a number of problems for a business resulting in a loss…

SharePoint Software: Make the Most of the 2016 Version

By KnowledgeLake | November 21, 2016

When the newest SharePoint software, SharePoint 2016 was unveiled, Microsoft released a lengthy rundown of what users can expect to discover while using SharePoint Online and SharePoint on-premises. Since KnowledgeLake’s expertise lies in optimizing an organization’s SharePoint investment to deliver a robust, reliable and scalable enterprise content management experience, we wanted to mention a few…

Accounts Payable Process: Your First Steps Toward Automation

By KnowledgeLake | November 8, 2016

Recently, I was with our KnowledgeLake team at the APP2P Conference & Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada. In the conversations I conducted, almost everyone I spoke with was still inundated with paper invoices. What’s up with that? I thought we were trying to ‘go paperless”? But changing can be tricky within your accounts payable process.…

6 Crucial Fails of Paper-Based Accounting

By KnowledgeLake | October 26, 2016

When organizations began integrating computer systems into their businesses, some experts predicted the emergence of a “paperless society.” As business and technology evolve, we see more companies striving to achieve this ‘paperless office’ — many of them by migrating to automated accounting systems. Here are the six main reasons companies move away from paper-based accounting: 1. Unorganized…

CommunityLIVE Event: KnowledgeLake’s Top Three Takeaways

By KnowledgeLake | September 21, 2016

CommunityLIVE prides itself on being “the world’s best ECM technology conference”. With more than 280 classes, advanced technical training of OnBase and complete rental of Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida, this year’s event for the OnBase community definitely clinched that title. We flew KnowledgeLake’s Systems Engineer, Jeff Hickman to Orlando last week to receive technical…

Experience Document Imaging Nirvana at Microsoft Ignite

By KnowledgeLake | September 7, 2016

Experience the power of KnowledgeLake’s innovative software solutions in tandem with Fujitsu hardware in booth #533 at Microsoft Ignite in Atlanta, GA from September 26-30. We are releasing KnowledgeLake Capture Server Professional, a 100% browser-based, document processing platform that allows you to easily collect, process, route, and store your information to SharePoint, SharePoint Online, and…

What is Digitization and Why You Should Care | KnowledgeLake

By KnowledgeLake | August 24, 2016

Ah, filing papers. One of the most mundane, frustrating tasks, especially when you share filing cabinets with Greg, who changes organizational methods every month. Or when your company buys a cringe-worthy amount of manila folders to keep those 4 year old receipts. Not to mention your office’s storage closet is an environmentalists’ nightmare, isn’t it?…

SharePoint Online In Office 365 Drives Real Workloads

By KnowledgeLake | July 26, 2016

If you have been following along with our Office 365 Webinar Series, welcome back; if you’re just joining us, greetings – we’re KnowledgeLake! Our recent educational webinar series was meant to help shape your understanding of Office 365 and the content management capabilities of the platform. We are experts at shaping solutions to help organizations,…

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