CommunityLIVE Event: KnowledgeLake’s Top Three Takeaways

CommunityLIVE prides itself on being “the world’s best ECM technology conference”. With more than 280 classes, advanced technical training of OnBase and complete rental of Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida, this year’s event for the OnBase community definitely clinched that title.

We flew KnowledgeLake’s Systems Engineer, Jeff Hickman to Orlando last week to receive technical OnBase training, connect with the OnBase community, the organization’s executives and attend many interesting sessions. With Fujitsu as a gold sponsor, we knew he would have a great time.

He picked up a great deal of advice and knowledge from the Onbase community and time spent at the conference. Don’t worry if you missed the event because he took notes! We have the best three CommunityLIVE takeaways to share.

Client-focus is key

Every aspect of the conference was well thought out and focused on the customer. The conference area was stunning and finding session locations was easy. Even the conference website was simple and visually appealing. Every detail – from the swag, networking events, venue, and meals – were superb and client-focused.

This client-centric attitude was especially appreciated by Jeff as this is a huge part of our culture and philosophy at KnowledgeLake. We believe that by taking care of our clients and employees, the bottom line takes care of itself.

Understand the way your clients work to enhance your product

In the session titled, “New: Integrating with Microsoft Products,” Hyland took the initiative to begin integrating their products within Microsoft Office applications.

Jeff attended the Onbase community eventSeeing ways that Microsoft was going to be building their future, the organization created their own integrations around that. And as a Microsoft partner, Hyland was able to leverage both company’s products.

Being a Microsoft partner as well, KnowledgeLake understands the importance of supporting that partnership. In fact, seeing a strong community in the ECM software world is what drives KnowledgeLake to sell and leverage our partners’ products.

Own your place in the process

Clients look to companies like Hyland Software and KnowledgeLake to devise a resolution to their problem. When we’re able to truly own that component, even if it isn’t the entire solution, we’re better equipped to serve our customers.

Hyland OnBase is known for its strong workflow engine. During CommunityLIVE, KnowledgeLake attended multiple workflow-based sessions. By learning all we could about the way OnBase’s workflow technology works, we are better able to extend our Advanced Capture and other ECM capabilities to work seamlessly with their workflow automation capability.

The purpose of CommunityLIVE is to learn how every department in an organization can work better, smarter and faster. After the Onbase community conference, Jeff shared his insights with the KnowledgeLake team:

“I left the conference with a stronger partnership with Hyland, hands-on experience with the latest OnBase innovations, and some compelling ideas I can integrate into the way I approach my work to drive the best value for our customers.”

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