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The thought of any content migration can be daunting, especially if every document you’ve ever created, added to, or shared with your team, could affect the success of a critical business process. Companies big and small can agree that Microsoft Office 365 migrations are not easy. Even the most well established organizations need expert help.

Deciding to take the leap toward migrating your current and legacy documents onto one centralized repository is a step in the right direction for a business to be successful. Without the proper planning and experts involved, many businesses have become victims to the process, rather than victors. Organizations cannot afford to waste time, money and staff resources aquiring technologies that fail to meet the organization’s and end users’ needs.

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Numerous businesses fret about cloud storage and security matters because they haven’t had the time to familiarize themselves with the security features and ease of use of cloud applications. Many of these same businesses operate with hybrid architecture, keeping documents both in the cloud and on premises, providing comfort to the cloud weary. Alongside the nonbelievers are the ones that don’t know what they’re missing. In the past, companies often shied away from tackling large migrations with newer technologies. Office 365 migrations are great for the late adapters.

Some companies have adapted a tiered approach when migrating to SharePoint Online to ensure thoroughness. However, every business is different — no two migrations are the same. For one company, the first tier might contain drafts, working papers and individual documents; the second may be a collaborative tier, containing group or team projects; the third could be where long-term records management takes place. For a separate company, these tiers might be moved around, tweaked or might be completely different. An understanding of flexibility in the process is a key component to a successful migration.

Office 365 migrations are far from cookie-cutter. By staying current and migrating from an old legacy system to Office 365, businesses reduce costs, cut back on extra platforms needed for support and leave behind the difficult, custom codes.

Migrating from an legacy system to Office 365 doesn’t have to be a stressful experience for business leaders, IT, or end users. Whether you’re ready to make the jump, or just want to learn more, KnowledgeLake is here to help.

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With KnowledgeLake, every migration solution is tailored to your business’ specific needs. We ensure your most important data is safely moved and secured on a recognized and tested platform. We can help you understand what it takes to migrate your business information to Office 365 successfully.

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