Data is More Important Than Ever: A Microsoft Ignite Recap

Data is More Important Than Ever: A Microsoft Ignite Recap

by Brad Porter on Oct 12, 2018

Microsoft Ignite was all about using your data

The energy of Microsoft Ignite is still in the air here at KnowledgeLake. The use and access of data seemed to be one of the biggest themes at the conference a few weeks ago, which was exciting for us as we announced two new innovations – our Machine Learning and Robotic Process Automation functionalities that allow organizations to further automate the extraction and use of data directly from their documents.

Here’s a recap on our takeaways from the show, which highlighted data collection and its use as a game changer for high performance businesses.


Embrace data innovation with Tech Intensity

Holding on to old legacy systems and processes isn’t going to cut it anymore. During the keynote speech given by Satya Nadella, CEO at Microsoft, the term “Tech Intensity” was defined. And the quirk was that it was defined by an equation. Tech Intensity = Tech Adoption ^ (Tech Capability).

In a less mathematical sense, Tech Intensity is about adopting modern technologies – and letting go of outdated tools – so your organization can innovate in its space.


Tech Intensity will be key through the next phase of the digital transformation, which is where data most often originates.

Gathering business-critical documents – and more importantly their relevant data –  is where Tech Intensity principles should be applied first within an organization. Focus on getting the best access and usage out of the data that your organization relies on the most, which then allows you to drive analysis of where to go next. Machine Learning technologies are one way to achieve this, as they allow organizations to automate the classification of documents and the collection of metadata.

Align data between systems for better integration

One exciting announcement during the Microsoft Ignite keynote was the Open Data Initiative partnership between Microsoft, Adobe, SAP, and any other organization who wants to join in.

Most likely, you already have a lot of important, business-critical data in your organization that is digitized and used in silos. But is it accessible across your organization? Is the data open for various departments to use it in their own departmental decisions? Most likely, the answer is no.

“The data is yours. When you’re open, you’re prosperous,”

– Bill McDermott, CEO of SAP

These data silos are the obstacle in the way of open data in your organization. If you utilize the principle of Tech Intensity, you can begin to unclog the silos and create one open lake of knowledge (see what I did there?).

Without any Tech Intensity tools, organizations end up manually typing or copy-and-pasting data into important reports, applications, etc to aggregate data between disparate systems. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has become a hot option in many organizations of late, as it offers a solution to simplify integration between systems, thereby allowing open access to data.

Automation is the next phase in digital transformation

Digital transformation is really what this conversation with Microsoft has been about. But you can’t practice Tech Intensity nor harness Open Data without a structured content services system. In July, Microsoft announced their Content Services platform and with it, it’s Content Services Charter Partner Program. KnowledgeLake was announced as one of the 11 charter partners in the program.

These partners are leading the way forward in the digital transformation, bringing organizations into the next phase: automation. And the automation phase can only work to move innovation further with well-organized data.

As CTO, I’m always focused on that next step in the digital transformation and can appreciate a Tech Intensity approach. Reach out to us if you’d like to have a conversation about what it might look like for your organization.

“Across the country and throughout the world, businesses and organizations of all sizes and industries are discovering the tools of tomorrow and kick starting their own digital transformations to better serve their customers and stay competitive in an ever-changing business environment.”

– “Real stories of digital transformation: Find your inspiration, imagine the possible” Microsoft Enterprise

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