SharePoint Software: Make the Most of the 2016 Version

When the newest SharePoint software, SharePoint 2016 was unveiled, Microsoft released a lengthy rundown of what users can expect to discover while using SharePoint Online and SharePoint on-premises. Since KnowledgeLake’s expertise lies in optimizing an organization’s SharePoint investment to deliver a robust, reliable and scalable enterprise content management experience, we wanted to mention a few of the new features of the new platform and show you how we can enhance them.

SharePoint Software

Easy, Intelligent Intranet

FEATURE: SharePoint 2016 is making your intranet easier to access on the go. By breaking down the way you interact with people, content and business practices, SharePoint’s improved intelligence and personalization makes mobile operations smoother than ever.

HOW WE HELP: KnowledgeLake keeps pace with an on-the-go workforce by providing document digitization via document imaging capabilities that enable users to easily and efficiently search, find and access electronic content found in Microsoft SharePoint directly from their mobile browser.

Team Sites Go Modern

FEATURE: The team site experience has also undergone a modernization. You can now find ways to view lists and libraries and manage content from the home page.

HOW WE HELP: Instead of browsing lists and libraries, KnowledgeLake search capabilities can aggregate and filter all of this content for quick data retrieval, allowing for a more refined result.

Security, privacy and compliance

FEATURES: Armed with a set of administrative controls, policies and reports, Microsoft has meshed security, privacy and compliance in a ‘simple and powerful’ way. They also announced what they call ‘dynamic conditional access policies.’ This means that this new SharePoint software can use details about you, your role, and your network location and even if you’re on a mobile device or desktop to decide what amount of access you have.

HOW WE HELP: KnowledgeLake provides electronic file security, as it records a history of activity to be used in case of an audit and ensures security of documents in case of disaster recovery. With document workflow enforcing accountability and all actions automatically recorded in an audit trail, compliance with corporate standards and legal regulations is easy. KnowledgeLake’s Records Manager ensures your organization is adhering to immediate and future legal, regulatory and industry compliance policies and that you can adapt quickly and easily as those policies evolve.

This is just a sampling of the newest SharePoint software’s features. While it can be tough to keep track, reach out to us here at KnowledgeLake if you have any questions!

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