KnowledgeLake's Secret Weapon: The Data Gateway

By KnowledgeLake on January 27, 2020

Most cloud service providers commonly suffer from a lack of connectivity to the data in on-premise systems that provide the information necessary for integration. This presents a problem for organizations that have security concerns around hosting all of their data in the cloud and would prefer to keep databases and other data sources in their on-premise systems. Some organizations, especially those in industries with high-security needs like healthcare, government, and finance/banking, still do not feel comfortable storing their most sensitive data in the cloud. But what if they still want to benefit from the many advantages of the cloud?

The KnowledgeLake platform is unique in that it solves this problem with its Data Gateway service. The Data Gateway service installs in seconds on any on-premise server. Once installed, it establishes a secure and encrypted two-way information pipeline between the customer environment and the KnowledgeLake Cloud platform. It allows the KL Cloud platform to access on-premise data.

By enabling our Data Gateway to communicate with on-premise SharePoint, KnowledgeLake becomes a hybrid cloud solution: the KnowledgeLake application lives in the cloud while the customer’s content lives securely on-premise, removing the administration overhead of the legacy KnowledgeLake applications. SharePoint connectivity provides an immediate and seamless way for KnowledgeLake customers to begin using the KnowledgeLake Cloud platform. The customer’s old apps and the new apps can co-exist, removing the risk often associated with a “big switch” migration.

Questions about the KnowledgeLake Data Gateway, data security in the cloud, or hybrid cloud solutions? Don't hesitate to reach out to us.

About KnowledgeLake:

KnowledgeLake provides content management solutions that help busy organizations intelligently automate their most important document processes. Since 1999, we've created award-winning, Microsoft-centric solutions that have helped thousands of companies around the world focus on their mission rather than their mission-critical documents.


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