KnowledgeLake Product Management Director Jason Burian

Committed to the relentless pursuit of a better workday for all, we are proud to feature the dedicated people behind the scenes. Today, meet Director of Product Management at KnowledgeLake, Jason Burian.

KL: What are some of types of work/projects you tackle?

Designing, building, and launching various software products for KnowledgeLake. Investigating new and exciting technologies that help our customers with new business problems.

KL: What’s the most rewarding (or fun or interesting) part of your job?

Designing new features to be added to the product. There are thousands of permutations of options that need to be thought of and then wrap that with a very easy to use user interface is not an easy task. It’s a really Rubik Cube to solve and the most fun I have at work.

KL: How long have you been at KnowledgeLake?

12 years in Jan 2017.

KL: What’s your background? How did you get to KnowledgeLake?

KnowledgeLake Product Management Director Jason Burian
I started at KnowledgeLake right out of college as a professional services consultant developer. Then, I moved on to project management for some smaller to medium projects. Went to Europe for a few months to help with our Europe, Middle East and Africa product launch and enablement. After that, I lead the Product Support team for a couple of years, helping our customers and partners with issues they encountered.

KL: What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever gotten?

If you’re early, you’re on time. If you’re on time, you’re late. If you’re late, don’t bother showing up.

KL: Do you listen to music at work? If so, what?

All kinds. Taylor Swift is fantastic, although I am pretty upset she is no longer on Spotify. One thing is for certain, no REM.

KL: Do you have a mantra or motto?

Never tell me the odds!

KL: Beside your phone and computer, what gadget can’t you live without and why?

Bluetooth Speaker. I love being outside on a patio or on the golf course listening to music.

KL: How do you like to recharge?

Something competitive. Games with my family, ice hockey, golf, more golf, lots of golf.

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