KnowledgeLake Innovator: Marketing Coordinator Taylor Stroot

KnowledgeLake Marketing Coordinator, Taylor Stroot, has an integrity, creativity and sense of commitment that greatly inspires our team. Her enthusiasm and optimism shine through in any initiative she tackles.

Learn more about the Marketing Coordinator who received KnowledgeLake’s 2016 Rising Star Award as well as why the talents, energy and innovation Taylor Stroot possesses are gifts to KnowledgeLake!

KL: What are some of the projects you tackle each day?

I am the person behind our social media accounts here at KnowledgeLake. I also work a lot with our media production. Any videos that are from KnowledgeLake, I probably helped produce. As an aspiring marketing manager, I am still learning a lot. Right now, I’m doing a lot of work on e-mail nurture campaigns as well.

Taylor Stroot

KL: What brought you to KnowledgeLake?

I began working at KL as an intern for the product management team back in 2015 as a senior in college. Although I wasn’t in marketing yet, a lot of my intern duties were bridging the gap between marketing and product management. I created training and internal marketing content like videos and presentations. It was super fun. I made it clear to our Marketing Director and Vice President of Marketing that I’d love to work in the marketing department once I graduated college. And now, here I am!

KL: You’re part of the #KLCares crew. What inspired you to join?

I love the idea of volunteering regularly and giving back to the community, and knowing that a bunch of other people in my company also want to do it is sort of a perk. I really didn’t put much thought into the why–volunteering is just something you do.

One of the most fulfilling experiences I’ve had this year, as part of the #KLCares crew, was participating in Pedal the Cause St. Louis. They raise money that funds cancer research here in St. Louis!

KL: What keeps you motivated and inspired to do your best each day?

I love marketing and producing media content. I do this kind of stuff in my spare time anyway, so I am always inspired and motivated to do my best work within KnowledgeLake. The people at KL really make it worthwhile. I enjoy seeing my team mates and colleagues every day in the office.

Taylor’s willingness and contributions to the overall culture at KL is outstanding. Her passion for creating meaningful programs and experiences for K-Lakers is apparent and appreciated. Her active participation in #KLCares initiatives is very helpful to both the company, our culture and the community.

– KnowledgeLake Vice President of Marketing, Alayne Pregeant

KL: What is your personal philosophy?

I believe that the only avenue to success in any aspect of life is to show up consistently and with wholehearted intention. I am a marketer, so I am consistently thinking about who my audience is and what they are doing. I want them to know that KnowledgeLake is there to help them with their content management needs anytime, anywhere. That’s one thing I love about being on social media, is getting to show up to interact and hang out with our audience every day.

KL: What excites you most about KnowledgeLake or our industry?

I love the environmental impact KnowledgeLake’s solutions provide. When I started in Marketing, a main proponent of our message was that we could help other companies develop paperless office solutions. While we don’t exactly use this lingo anymore, we continue to help organizations achieve just that. I love that we help companies create paperless document management systems across the country.

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