KnowledgeLake Technical Consultant Jeffrey Umfleet

by KnowledgeLake on Nov 22, 2017

KnowledgeLake’s mission is to help our clients realize their full potential by serving them with new and innovative document solutions. Jeffrey Umfleet, a Technical Consultant II, is deeply dedicated to ensuring clients are satisfied and experience a sense of value each time he interacts with them.

Learn more about Technical Specialist II, Jeffrey Umfleet, as well as why we and our clients are grateful for his hard work and for being a part of KnowledgeLake.

KL: What are some of the work projects you tackle?

I am focused on the implementation of Information Governance solutions for our clients. Because I am versatile and have become adept at almost every one of the software technologies we utilize at KnowledgeLake, I tackle all types of projects that come my way. Because most of our solutions involve multiple technologies, this ability enables me to handle most all aspects of a project myself.

KL: What’s your background? How did you get to KnowledgeLake?

My background is a little different than some in that it is very diverse. I could almost say my background is as diverse as my skillset. Since high school, I have practiced Imaging Hardware repair, Retail Customer Service, Retail Sales, the machinist trade, Manufacturing and Point of Sale (POS) networking. However, my passion for technology gave me the incentive to seek a formal education in Computer Science and a career change. My experience in POS networking and familiarity with imaging hardware made for a perfect fit for my first opportunity after my career change I started out at KnowledgeLake as an implementation specialist.

KL: What made you want to work at KnowledgeLake?

KnowledgeLake seemed like a happening company when I interviewed in 2012. I spotted the great culture in my first interview and knew I had to be a part of it!

KL: What keeps you motivated and inspired to give clients and coworkers your best each day?

Over the years I have realized that customers are buying the following in this order:

Jeffrey Umfleet

  • Customer Service
  • Products/Services

I serve our clients as if I were in their shoes. I always want to provide them with satisfaction and a sense of value after every interaction and do not stop until I have accomplished this. I always remind myself that the number one deliverable is client satisfaction. This deliverable defines my success more than any other statistic.

KL: What is your personal philosophy?

I have several:

  • Be honest with yourself and others – anything else will waste your time.
  • No matter what the task, always do your very best.
  • Know you priorities – nothing is more important than the people in our lives.
  • Believe in something passionately.
  • If you do all of the above then the rest will take care of itself.

KL: What excites you most about KnowledgeLake or our industry?

The migration of technologies to the cloud and knowing KnowledgeLake is taking a leading role is exciting!  Also, the in-grained KnowledgeLake belief in Servant Leadership removes any doubt that KnowledgeLake will succeed and will continue to be a leader in the information governance industry.

Learn more about how Jeffrey Umfleet and our team can increase efficiency and amplify productivity for your organization!

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