KnowledgeLake Helps Great Circle Give Kids a Happy Holiday

The KnowledgeLake tree looked amazing this holiday season – especially when a special set of “ornaments” were added in mid-November. The decorations weren’t expensive adornments but simple tags tied with ribbon – each filled with meaning and hope for certain children and families in the St. Louis area.

Great Circle and KnowledgeLakeFor the second year in a row, #KLCares joined forces with the St. Louis charity, Great Circle. The organization provides behavioral health services for children, individuals and families tackling some of life’s toughest challenges.

This past holiday season K-Lakers could “adopt” a child or family by choosing a tag from the tree. Each tag listed a child’s age, gender and a list of basic toys, games, living essentials and other objects they, or their families, could use.

As the holidays inched closer, K-Lakers grabbed tags. They were committed to buying wished-for items to comfort these children and their families in crisis. With a goal to ensure all the children listed had presents to unwrap this holiday season, K-Lakers rose to the challenge. Each of the 30 tags on the tree, representing a child’s wishes, was attended to.

Great Circle and KnowledgeLake

“Great Circle is an amazing asset to this community, offering compassionate care for the path ahead, with an excellent set of core values,” said Kayla Wesloh who heads up the #KLCares program. “Great Circle provides temporary and year round assistance for children and their families. They even have an on-site school as well as professionals to comfort and aid kids from all walks of life.”

K-Lakers could donate wrapped or un-wrapped gifts to the collection box, placed  near the tree, donate general items that were wanted and needed, or give a monetary donation so other K-Lakers going shopping could pick up items.

A ‘great circle’ is defined as the largest circle that can be drawn around a sphere. Great Circle represents the children, individuals, and families the organization serves, as well as partners and supporters.

Great Circle doubled their outreach and almost tripled their service locations through an ever-growing portfolio of services and geographic footprint. With campuses, counseling centers and community-based services statewide, the organization has touched more than 30,000 lives in 2016.

“We chose Great Circle because their mission is so much like ours,” says Alayne Pregeant, KnowledgeLake Vice President of Marketing. “They are a champion for change and growth in our communities. #KLCares aims to strengthen our community as well. Great Circle embraces the same inspiring virtues they find in the people they serve. When K-Lakers volunteer, they often express they probably got more out of volunteering than the people they helped. Because the people they helped inspired them.”

Learn more about this visionary organization’s plans for the future.

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