Migrate Business ECM the Right Way With No Problems

When it comes to buying a house, there are always seems to be two types of people: those seeking move-in ready homes, and those who want to brave the “fixer upper.” For many who want to score a deal by picking the home that needs a little TLC, they become overwhelmed with the amount of work, unsuspecting costs and the amount of time it will take to make their dream home a reality.

When it comes to migration, it is pretty much the same idea. Although there are numerous DIY tools and instructions for migrating, the result is always better when an experienced industry veteran is putting in the long hours and hard work to make your vision come true. When you work with KnowledgeLake to migrate your business’s ECM (Enterprise Content Management) system, you will be able to have a “move-in” ready experience. Unlike many others, KnowledgeLake will handle the migration with a white glove treatment from start to finish.

Why should my business migrate from our Legacy System?

  • Reduced Costs – No more overpriced legacy maintenance fees or costs for outdated software.
  • Fewer Platforms to Support – The more platforms you’re using, the more confusing it gets for the average user. By migrating to SharePoint or Office365 you will have one platform to use with an easy to navigate user interface.
  • No More Custom Code – Legacy systems sometimes require custom code that is hard to edit and can tack on additional costs.
  • Stay Current On Technology – Keep up with the times by using technology currently used by millions across the globe.
  • Predictability – Microsoft is a globally-known, reliable company. Is your current vendor still going to be around delivering support on your system in three, four years?


What’s the benefits to having KnowledgeLake handle our migration?

The key to successful migration is planning and analysis before you even click the mouse. As a 3-time Microsoft Partner of the Year, KnowledgeLake has built a reputation on asking the important questions to ensure your migration fits your business’s needs.

Questions such as:

  • Will the core features of the new system align 1:1 with your legacy system?
  • Do you need to replace existing custom workflows, forms and LOB integration?
  • What third party requirements will be needed to get the most out of this investment (ex: scanning, searching and viewing options, records management, etc.)
  • How will each department use the new system?
  • How will it be backed up?
  • Are current employees using the legacy ECM system? If not, how will they use the new one? Why shouldn’t I DIY my migration?
  • Migrating can take a lot of time, especially if a new taxonomy and information structure needs to be developed.
  • SharePoint must be monitored throughout the migration to maintain good health.
  • Many do not audit their current content while migrating, leading to potential governance and compliance issues.


To go back to our analogy about home buying, when you choose KnowledgeLake to handle your migration, you are choosing a seasoned contractor to build your business’s processes to where you want them to be with perfection. As the first vendor to create products for SharePoint in 2003, our experience surpasses many. We believe in doing things the right way, the first time.