KnowledgeLake’s Solutions Optimize SharePoint 2016

While Microsoft’s SharePoint 2016 contains an array of new features designed to assist users, many organizations discover out-of-the-box SharePoint functionality does not meet many necessary business requirements. User adoption can be negatively affected if the SharePoint document management system seems like a glorified network file share to admins and end users. Fortunately, KnowledgeLake’s full suite of capabilities can optimize SharePoint 2016.

SharePoint, at times, needs a little help to meet the complex and ever-evolving business objectives of today’s business world. But with the help of KnowledgeLake’s innovative solutions, organizations can optimize SharePoint 2016, or any SharePoint investment, to deliver a robust and scalable enterprise content management experience. (To learn more, contact us!)

“Our solutions directly integrate with SharePoint and virtually every line of business application to enable repeatable, consistent automation,” said Bernie Schweiss, Chief Executive Officer of KnowledgeLake. “This allows workers, departments, customers and partners to collaborate easier.”

Document Capture and Imaging for SharePoint 2016

KnowledgeLake’s solutions include the ability to convert manual, paper-based processes into digital, automated processes, by providing scanning and uploading capabilities, which enable organizations to monitor, measure and improve back-office business outcomes.

Powerful Document Search and View in SharePoint

Another KnowledgeLake capability indexes key information from captured documents, which is essential to finding data in the future. Instead of browsing lists and libraries, KnowledgeLake provides comprehensive search abilities to aggregate and filter content, allowing for a more refined, accurate result. End users are then able to view, route and annotate electronic content directly from within SharePoint.

Using SharePoint 2016 with Microsoft Office

KnowledgeLake also provides integration with Microsoft Office and Microsoft Outlook, making the SharePoint experience simple and enabling users to add content… thus transforming SharePoint into a powerful Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system that blends information with people and business processes.

A Better SharePoint 2016 User Experience

How we optimize SharePoint 2016Driven by a quality user experience, KnowledgeLake capabilities emulate the Microsoft Office user experience. This ability to naturally work within a familiar environment drives user adoption, as information workers can easily onboard paper and electronic content to SharePoint.

Work with Trusted SharePoint and ECM Experts

In 2003, KnowledgeLake was first to bring a document imaging solution to market that was built on the 2003 SharePoint platform. Today, thousands of companies worldwide trust KnowledgeLake’s ECM consultants to provide content management and process automation expertise while delivering solutions that make business content easy to find and work with. KnowledgeLake provides a full spectrum of professional service offerings for cloud-based and on-premise content management, as well as business process optimization solutions.

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