SharePoint Online In Office 365 Drives Real Workloads

If you have been following along with our Office 365 Webinar Series, welcome back; if you’re just joining us, greetings – we’re KnowledgeLake!

Our recent educational webinar series was meant to help shape your understanding of Office 365 and the content management capabilities of the platform. We are experts at shaping solutions to help organizations, like yours, to capitalize on your investment in SharePoint Online. We wanted to take this opportunity to share how we serve this important and growing platform.

What Does SharePoint Online in Office 365 Offer?

With Office 365/SharePoint Online, you and your business are now open to a world of opportunity. For minimal expense, your organization can safely centralize documents and other content for collaboration, archiving and managing records. Not to mention all of the other communication, collaboration, analytics and other tools available other than managing content.

SharePoint Online has been a great advancement in the SharePoint family, but it can still use some enhancements to be a fully functional ECM platform. It can still take multiple steps to upload a document, search for something, or automate the processing of a document; and that’s where KnowledgeLake can help.


How Does KnowledgeLake Help Companies in Office 365/SharePoint Online?

Getting you to the cloud.

We are 20-year veterans and experts in building Enterprise Content Management solutions. We have the strategies, methodologies, and experience to migrate your business-critical content, taxonomy and processes to the cloud.

Saving documents to SharePoint.

KnowledgeLake makes it much easier to easily upload and tag content from Microsoft Outlook/Office, the desktop, scanners, and your everyday business applications to SharePoint Online. Users no longer need to understand SharePoint, its structure, or where to manually place files.

Finding what you need, easily.

KnowledgeLake boosts the search capabilities of SharePoint, allowing to search for documents in a much more targeted way, and best-in-class experience for sorting, refining and filtering results to get to exactly the document you need.

Putting content to work.

We can assist with the full life-cycle of the document – automating tagging of documents, the processing of them, all the way through to archiving and destruction of these business records.


Unsure Where to Go Next? Contact KnowledgeLake!

We love addressing the toughest business challenges associated with managing documents for organizations. If you are unsure of how to take your first step in adopting Office 365 or SharePoint Online, call us…we have the experts that can advise you on your best path to the Microsoft Cloud.

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