Document Search and Retrieval in Seconds: L&B Realty’s Story

L&B Realty Advisors is a client-focused, performance-driven, real estate investment advisor based in Dallas, Texas. The organization provides services to help clients successfully acquire, manage, and dispose of real estate. After years of accumulating paper documents associated with real estate transactions, the company needed a solution to improve its document management processes. When they sought to enhance their document search and retrieval process, L&B turned to KnowledgeLake.

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Working with L&B’s Microsoft SharePoint platform, KnowledgeLake’s solution was deployed across multiple departments including operations, HR and finance. The organization not only saved thousands of dollars in off-site storage costs but amplified productivity by:

  • Quickly converting high volumes of paper-based corporate, real estate, and accounting documents into an electronic format through batch scanning
  • Removing document storage silos by adding the ability to scan, upload, index and search documents in SharePoint
  • Allowing end users to search for and find images from inside a familiar web browser

As a result, L&B can now quickly provide information to a client and query the repository to display a list of needed documents. The organization can also easily share content with clients by exporting the information to a network share, cloud storage or a DVD.

“We had documents that were more than 20 years old, scanned and indexed using KnowledgeLake solutions. It could have taken days to find these old documents with our previous process. Now we use the KnowledgeLake search tool to find them quickly and efficiently.”

Brenda Hartson Vice President Information Systems

To learn more about how KnowledgeLake delivered efficiency and increased productivity to L&B Realty Advisors, check out L&B’s full document processing success story.


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