Microsoft Office 365 Document Management System

How can KnowledgeLake help my organization manage documents using Microsoft Office 365?

Since a prospective client recently asked this question, we thought it very important to address. Microsoft Office 365 is a collaborative platform that can empower your team, safeguard your business, and simplify IT management. SharePoint Online, a component of Office 365, can enable you to create an efficient system to manage documents. KnowledgeLake delivers solutions and consulting to ultimately maximize a company’s Office 365 investment by turning SharePoint Online into a solid document management system.

KnowledgeLake also guides companies to establish a much-needed taxonomy and informational architecture, improving on-boarding, processing, routing, governance and content findability. Once this infrastructure to address managed and unstructured information is in place, a cloud-ready document processing platform can help employees:

Scan and capture documents

Whether documents are paper or electronic, content can be captured or uploaded from a desktop, scanners, other file shares and Microsoft Outlook. Since imaging is web-based, there are no thick clients to install — providing users flexibility regarding where and how they import content. This flexible approach allows users to easily bring in ad hoc or large volumes of content to SharePoint Online.

Tag, index and enhance the content you work with

Content entered into the system can be automatically categorized and indexed for quick search and easy retrieval. If users encounter smudged or stained documents, KnowledgeLake can enhance images to improve readability before the document arrives in SharePoint Online.

Content tagged properly with metadata means trouble-free assistance during the full life-cycle of the document — from processing through archiving and/or destruction of records.


Centralize information

As content is routed, users don’t have to understand the complexities of SharePoint, its structure, or where to place files. Optimizing Office 365 with KnowledgeLake allows content to be sent to any list, library, external repository or system based on type or document properties.

Retrieve documents, rapidly

Data stored in separate business systems lead employees on unwanted scavenger hunts. This results in lost productivity, longer response times and higher operating costs. Quick document searches and efficient retrievals not only result in satisfied users, but can help improve customer service, too.

Enable automated processes

When important information can be extracted from documents, triggers activate streamlined, automated workflows to further business value. Uncovering bottlenecks and providing real-time information empowers leaders to determine the best course of action for the organization.

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