Can a Structured SharePoint Content Management System Help?

As your business accumulates more documents – whether paper or digital — each day, an organizational system quickly becomes imperative. When coordinating the moving parts and complexities of an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system, planning effective information architecture is vital to avoiding document debacles. Without this in place a business cannot build nor maintain a functional SharePoint content management system. Yet, knowing where to begin with centralizing and managing an array of information can feel like a daunting task.

Companies often know they want a content management system that’s efficiently systematized and easy to use, but where do they start?

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If your business is like 200,000 other organizations around the world, your employees are using Microsoft’s SharePoint platform. In order to optimize SharePoint’s capacity, a great deal of planning is required from the beginning – not simply regarding the ECM strategy but in the information architecture.

In order to establish a successful SharePoint content management system, there are five key factors regarding information architecture implementation that need to be considered:

  1. Grab the Guide for Structured Content Management in Microsoft SharePointPlanning that addresses a business’ needs
  2. Involving Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)
  3. Incorporating best practices
  4. Structuring deployments
  5. Addressing governance

Within this process, a number of common mistakes can occur. Failing to properly structure an enterprise information architecture creates a number of problems during an ECM implementation. Ultimately, when users can’t find what they need and when they need it, they experience frustration. They lose faith in the content management system.

When it comes to designing and implementing a structured SharePoint content management system, the skilled experts at KnowledgeLake can help. We can also devise an ECM solution to suit your enterprise’s exact needs to streamline your workflow and boost productivity. Then, we’ll integrate your solution smoothly into your existing infrastructure.

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