Is the Cloud Safe? An Update On The Issue

Is the Cloud Safe? An Update On The Issue

by KnowledgeLake on Mar 2, 2018

UPDATE: Well, IS the cloud safe? Much about the cloud has changed since we digital denizens began learning about the cloud. In fact, we recently wrote about the business-boosting power of cloud content management. Embracing cloud document management can help you become a leader within the digital transformation realm. If you're still worried about security, fear not. You can simplify cloud based document management with our newest innovation that was released this past fall!

Cloud platforms like SharePoint Online, offered by Office 365, allow you to turn Office 365 into an unmatched document management system. Using a cloud content management solution like Box also offers your organization another option. As technology evolves and transforms, KnowledgeLake will be with you every step of the way!

Here's the original post that was published in July of 2016

As a citizen of the mobile age, it can be overwhelming to consider every option for storing important documents, files and other content securely across your devices, a department, or an entire organization.

Some are still unsure about storing their data digitally, which is sort of crazy if you think about how digitization is now the assumed standard. Just check out news footage to see how the press paints organizations like the Veteran's Administration with cameras panning around and showing huge stacks of paper and people moving it manually, which causes real health risk and pain for our veterans…all because of paper.

So if people are still unsure about digitization, a further jump to trusting in putting this content into the cloud may be downright frightening. But, we are here to tell you that content can be kept safely in the cloud. And yes, in some cases, may be significantly safer than how you are storing content today. The more you know about this option, the better, because we don’t see cloud storage going anywhere, anytime soon.

How could it possibly be safer that me owning my data?

As more and more digital advancements are made, security has been forced to evolve to stay one step ahead of any possible breaches. Which begs the million dollar question: “Can my organization ensure the same, or better security, than the huge teams and budgets that ensure security in the clouds owned by Microsoft, Amazon or Google?”, to which surely the answer is, “No”. Your IT team most likely cannot create an environment that is equal parts safe and secure while still being as accessible as a hosted cloud. And data security is not something you want to be liable for, just ask the likes of Home Depot who spent $20 million to compensate shoppers for their 2014 data breach.

Those asking, "Is the Cloud safe?" might also wonder, other than root security, what doors can the cloud open for my company?

Delivering key capabilities across cloud platforms allows you and your business to take full advantage of safe, secure, and centralized information store to enable collaboration with a distributed workforce.

Aside from the obvious of security and being able to access your information from almost anywhere your business takes you, there are other measurable benefits:

  • Potential IT cost savings and workforce reallocation
  • IT infrastructure with increased agility
  • Threat detection and analytics
  • Stronger identity management
  • Ability to better support and manage mobile productivity
  • Maintain visibility and control across infrastructure and applications

When contemplating putting your personal, departmental, or organization-wide documents in the cloud, there is plenty more to learn, but don’t get overwhelmed; we are here to be a resource to you!

We can advise you on your move to the cloud.

We consult with organizations every day to help them on their decision on whether and how to move to the cloud. Whether establishing a full 100% cloud solution, building out a hybrid environment, or even optimizing what a company does today on-premises, KnowedgeLake can establish an ECM solution to keep your mind at ease that your content IS safe, no matter where it lives. Is the cloud safe? We're pretty sure we can help to make it that way!

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