Cloud Capture Extensibility: Customize Your Activities

KnowledgeLake’s most innovative cloud based offering was designed with extensibility in mind, giving a business many options to customize this solution to meet their needs. One such cloud capture extensibility point includes the capability to define custom activities for processing batches within a cloud environment. Custom activities can be as simple as sending notifications within a corporation or as complex as transcribing embedded audio to facilitate insights around a customer support department. The possibilities are endless.

The KnowledgeLake cloud capture platform provides developers with a sandbox to interact with the batch structure and leverage any component compatible with the .NET runtime. Our solution provides clients with the freedom as to whether they use their own development resources or hire KnowledgeLake to satisfy requirements outside of the core features.

To demonstrate the cloud capture extensibility of the platform, I created a custom activity that would allow a user to define sensitive keywords they want to obscure in batches. The custom activity I developed leverages OCR (optical character recognition) to identify where these keywords are in the pages of a batch. Using this information, the activity manipulates the working images to censor the sensitive keywords. This requires five logical steps to be performed by the custom activity:

The activity loops through the associated documents to access the pages of the current batch.

Using the location of the page on the file system, the activity performs an OCR operation on that page.

The activity then searches the OCR result data for sensitive keywords.

Using the list of sensitive keywords and their locations, the activity censors the keywords detected on the page.

The activity then uses the censored, in-memory image to update the page on the file system.

After the development of a new custom activity has been completed, the activity can be deployed to the cloud capture system by executing a single PowerShell statement.

Any other dependencies that the script requires can be deployed to a directory relative to the process that executes the PowerShell defined in an activity. From there, users can begin configuring processes that leverage the custom activity. From there, users can begin configuring processes that leverage the custom activity.

In total, the custom activity logic I wrote represents fifty-five lines of PowerShell and around two hundred lines of supporting C# code to facilitate the OCR operation. What does this mean in terms of time commitment? Depending on the complexity of the custom activity, the development time could range from one day to a couple of weeks. For reference, I developed this custom activity in four days. KnowledgeLake is able to develop custom activities for you to add value to your cloud capture experience based on your specific business requirements and in a reasonable amount of time.

The best part of cloud capture extensibility is that it is designed with your needs in mind. All of this is delivered to you, seamlessly.

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