Cloud Based Document Management: Our New Release Simplifies

We are excited to announce the newest release of our cloud capture platform — the game-changing solution that simplifies cloud based document management. With advanced capabilities, this version contains our brand-new security model as well as the ability to route by original file type and support for Microsoft SQL Server 2016.

cloud Based Document Management

The New Security Model

Cloud Based Document Management

This newest release of KnowledgeLake cloud capture introduces a new security model, allowing an organization — or its users — to connect to more than one Active Directory. The additional security offers local users, groups or a combination of both the opportunity to collaborate. This latest update also enables organizations to grant users outside of their company access to upload and index documents.

Imagine giving a vendor log-on with access to only the Upload app, allowing them to send and index invoices directly into your process. 

Route by Original File Type

KnowledgeLake cloud capture has this amazing Design App that allows administrators to easily create their own processes by dragging and dropping components onto a canvas.

Cloud Based Document ManagementAdmins now have the option to route by the original document file type. This allows non-image files to route down a different path, so as not to encounter an error on image conversion.

Imagine sending video content from BoxWorks straight to your shared Box folder so your colleagues can see the behind-the-scenes footage of the show instantly.

Microsoft SQL Server 2016 Support

This newest release of KnowledgeLake cloud capture has been fully tested on Microsoft SQL Server 2016 by our trusted Quality Assurance team.

Jump into the Cloud with KnowledgeLake’s Latest Release

Our cloud capture platform has advanced to become robust and capable, ensuring organizations of any size, with users living all over the world, to access an uncomplicated, cloud based document management solution at any time. For example, our robust platform can:

  • Scan profiles with barcode rules
  • Internationalization
  • Office add-ins
  • Managed metadata support
  • Multi-file upload
  • More flexible security model
  • Route by original file type

The best part of these capabilities is that all of it is delivered to you, seamlessly, in the cloud. Discover what makes our cloud based platform for capture the most powerful and dynamic solution on the market.

Let us help you uncomplicate your cloud based document management!

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