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Why Choose a Cloud Based Platform for Capture

Cloud based capture — web-based applications allowing you to scan business content — are hot topics these days considering the cloud storage market is expected reach a total market size of $92.488 billion (US) by 2022. A powerful, cloud based platform can provide not only a capture solution, allowing users to digitize and organize structured and unstructured data, but much more. If you’re investigating cloud based capture or are considering using a cloud based platform to capture, process and manage business content, here are 7 advantages you’ll want to consider.

1. Get going quickly
Cloud based capture solutions typically don’t require much infrastructure as they are web-browser and mobile-capture enabled. With KnowledgeLake’s cloud based capture platform, there’s no clunky, restrictive software to install. The solution can be deployed within a day so efficiencies are gained on day one.

cloud based platform2. Work from anywhere
Whether you’re capturing business content in the office, at home, beachside or in a coffee shop in another country, a web-based capture solution enables you the flexibility to work from anywhere — as long as you’ve got internet access. Our cloud based platform gives you and your users a simple-to-use, browser-based experience — from scanning to uploading, tagging and routing your content — no matter where you’re working.

3. Ensure content organization and governance
KnowledgeLake’s cloud based platform, which contains a cloud capture solution, automatically uses existing taxonomies and schema from line-of-business systems or repositories. Using these inherited taxonomies ensures proper structure and governance, no matter who is bringing info to the system.

4. Reduce expenditures

Cloud-focused businesses are heavily using cloud infrastructure and are looking to optimize cloud operations as well as cloud costs.

Digitizing your business content with cloud capture reduces the cost of paper storage as well as shipping that paper from branches to a facility for processing. Additionally, you don’t pay per page count and can eliminate click charges with KnowledgeLake’s cloud based capture platform.

5. Enable accuracy, security and findability
A cloud based platform, like KnowledgeLake’s offering, is pre-configured to automatically index or tag information which is then integrated into a document management system. Automatic indexing reduces manual entry, decreases human error and enables users to focus on more productive tasks. Tagged documents can not only be routed according to workflow set-ups but ensures users can quickly search and retrieve the information later.

6. Integrate with ease
Optionally, thin-client capture can be embedded into your business applications, document management systems or other back-office programs. KnowledgeLake’s cloud based platform for capture integrates with repositories like SharePoint or SharePoint Online, shared drives or line-of-business systems. Varied types of content can be automatically routed to different systems, enabling the user to upload or access their data without being expected to understand complicated SharePoint hierarchies or folder structures.

7. Scale to your needs
Cloud capture solutions can accommodate a growing organization. KnowledgeLake’s cloud based capture platform is designed for any size business — from small to enterprise to drive operational and cost efficiencies. Users or admins can be easily added as well as processes, and document volume with minimal impact to the bottom line.

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