Document Imaging Solutions:Can You Get Them in One Platform?

by KnowledgeLake on Jul 3, 2018

Does your company still rely on paper for your business documents and processes?

During a past webinar, we asked the audience where their content was originating. While 44% of attendees reported their newly generated business documents were primarily digital, 56% told us they rely primarily on paper. We learned an increasing number of enterprises are turning to document imaging solutions to help them wrangle in content chaos.

As business technology changes, more companies are producing digital documents. Ironically, the majority of business waste still comes from paper according to Paper Waste Facts from The World Counts.

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In other words, paper content is here to stay – at least for a while.

The good news is that KnowledgeLake’s Technology can handle both scenarios. KnowledgeLake’s browser-based capture platform enables easy document imaging solutions by allowing you to scan your paper documents, tag them with relevant metadata, then route them to the correct destination. Digital information can also be captured from any source and stored in a designated repository.

Document imaging solutions can not only save an organization time, but also lots of money. On average, a business in the United States spends $120 million on printed documents… a year. That’s a lot.

But KnowledgeLake is able to boost your cost savings.

A company can drop the labor cost while tagging their documents because they can essentially automate that process. This saves them money on shipping paper to other campuses. The platform is highly flexible with the capability to scale both vertically and horizontally to reach any number of users, or amount of content needed to process.

“KnowledgeLake’s capture platform is a solution that can work for smaller business and be adjusted to take full advantage as your business grows. This is a solution that is progressive, scalable and cloud-ready. Besides, the time and cost savings are significant. We never charge per page or per click.”

– Jason Burian, Vice President of Product Management.


Learn more about KnowledgeLake's document imaging solutions

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