Box Cloud Content Management: 5 Ways to Add Value

Cloud Content Management (CCM) is not new to Box – they’ve been using the term since 2010.  Fast forward several years and the Box cloud content management solution has disrupted the Enterprise Content Management (ECM) industry. In fact, Box’s solution was recognized earlier this year by Forrester for being a leader in the Forrester WaveTM ECM Business Content Services.

cloud content management

With the announcements made at BoxWorks this month, the turn of phrase has never been more important to the organization, its partners and its clients.

Box describes CCM as an inside-out approach to content management – a simple way to foster collaboration, improve security and lower costs, enabling an organization to work within a sole system. Although the value of CCM hasn’t changed much in the last seven years, Box features and partners’ offerings have definitely evolved to adapt to business’ and users’ needs.

While at BoxWorks, I was a presenter for the session, 5 Things You’re Not Doing with Box, but Should Be. The goal was to bring to attention to three under-utilized Box capabilities as well as to convey the value organizations can realize when Box works in tandem with KnowledgeLake and our mutual partner Nintex.

The three Box features outlined were Box Notes, Box Metadata and Box Governance.

Here’s what each offers:

  • Box Notes enables real-time collaboration, the ability to create meeting notes, share ideas, track status updates and plan projects with ease.
  • Box Metadata allows users to tag content with important information and identify content, without opening the document to double check. Admin users can organize sets of data fields into these templates to be used across the organization.
  • Box Governance helps organizations manage the entire lifecycle of the content stored in Box, while staying compliant with regulatory mandates and data retention rules.

How we work with Box and Nintex

KnowledgeLake and Nintex both integrate into Box, leveraging features such as Box Metadata. KnowledgeLake’s cloud capture platform simplifies scanning, uploading, tagging and automatically routes content to Box – ensuring findability, security and governance.

cloud content management

Nintex’s workflow automation solution makes it easy to design, build and publish workflows within Box so business processes can be automated for use across the enterprise.

With 20 years of experience enhancing document processing and content management systems, our expertise has helped clients progress from paper to fileshares to document management systems then ECM and now to cloud content management.

KnowledgeLake, a Nintex partner for almost a decade, is the leading provider of Nintex expertise for Box. KnowledgeLake’s cloud content management consultants can integrate Box with Nintex’s offering with our cloud capture solution to provide a unified answer to solve an organization’s toughest document problems.

As Box continues to lead and evolve the cloud content management space, partners like KnowledgeLake and Nintex will continue to provide software solutions to enhance user experience. Moreover, as clients continue to embrace Box for new and difficult business challenges, KnowledgeLake will continue to provide its skills and capabilities to help clients realize their full potential and foster a more productive workday.

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