Choose the Best Enterprise Content Management System

Organizations often generate and process millions of paper documents a day which can lead to massive mailing and storage costs. Time is frequently wasted searching for and retrieving physical documents. Have you ever wondered how an Enterprise Content Management system (or ECM) can improve productivity and increase cost efficiency while enabling collaborative information sharing?

As defined by the AIIM, ECM is the strategies, methods and tools used to capture, manage, store, preserve, and deliver content as well as documents related to organizational processes. An enterprise content management system can help your organization overcome a host of business challenges. But with so many of these systems out there, it’s tough to gauge which one to choose. Here are a few tips on what when you’re ready to choose the best ECM system:

Address Your Pain Points
Enterprise Content Management System
In order to gain control of your information, map out and identify all key business challenges that you want to solve with enterprise content management system. Every organization has unique challenges that pertain to the way they process business documents. The most effective ECM solution will address all of your organization’s essential requirements.

Contemplate Cost

An enterprise content management system can follow different pricing structures based on what is needed. Some systems are subscription based, user-based, or offer a one-time cost while others charge annual maintenance. Narrow down your choices by anticipating the number of users expected. And consider your return on investment. The ROI on the most effective solutions is typically realized within the first 18 months of implementation. Think of an enterprise content management system as a business investment that will save your company a great deal of money over the long haul.

Scrutinize Scalability

The solution you choose should be able to platform usage growth. If you start your paperless solution in the Accounts Payable department, you should be able to then implement it into other departments like Claims Processing, Human Resources, and Legal. In other words, the ECM technology should be capable of serving the entire organization.

Manage Mobility

The best enterprise content management system should meet the demands of today’s user – wherever he or she may be. Improving accessibility and results enhances user adoption as there’s an increasing need to access information at any time, from any place. For example, do you often need to meet with clients to sign forms? If so, look for a system that can scan papers with a smart phone as well as upload the information into your ECM system.

Ponder People

Do you know who will ultimately manage your information? Are they on board with the idea of using an ECM system? Make IT a strategic partner in your search for the best provider. Keep in mind that this change in how your organization’s processes affect your employees. Look for systems that are more intuitive and easy to use.

Whether your department’s document management needs are large or small, complex or simple, KnowledgeLake can tailor a solution to fit your needs and budget. KnowledgeLake specializes in providing ECM solutions to best fit an organization’s requirements for data, process, security, privacy, and accessibility.

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