HR Processes: Why & when should start onboarding automation?

From resumes and emergency contact forms, to I-9’s, W-4’s, e-mails and PDF documents — Human Resources (HR) departments tend to get engulfed in extensive amounts of paper documents. As a result, managing HR processes such as HR Onboarding for new employees can be a mammoth task.

When should you automate HR processes like onboarding? Read KnowledgeLake's whitepaper.If your organization’s HR processes — especially the onboarding procedure is entirely manual — one employee has to track a variety of documents the new employee completes then enter the data into their system. This task is not only time-consuming and tedious but increases the odds of unintended errors and typos.

KnowledgeLake helps you automate HR processes like onboarding.Due to the information needed by the organization, HR professional must also be careful with sensitive data. Controlling and limiting access to employee records can be challenging when working with paper. How does a professional do so beyond locking the file cabinet?

In short, there is no easy way to manage HR processes and documents with manually-based methods. Instead of becoming a strategic asset to an organization, HR professionals get bogged down tracking, storing and locating necessary forms.

The growing complexity of business challenges an HR department faces every day impacts an organization’s bottom line and long-term business goals.

Lighten the load

When organizations automate HR processes like onboarding, they quickly realize a multitude of benefits such as:

  • Saving time searching for necessary files and documents
  • Increasing workspace while eliminating paper documents and file cabinets
  • Transforming onboarding processes into a self-serving activity
  • Ensuring compliance audits aren’t as time-consuming nor stressful
  • Reducing the need for duplicate data entry and routing of information

When a business decides to automate HR processes, money is saved and time is freed up for HR professionals to act as a guide more than an “enforcer.”

KnowledgeLake has developed award-winning capture and imaging solutions designed to help automate your HR processes like onboarding new employees and managing employee records with ease. Download the whitepaper, Document Management Solutions for Human Resources: The Impact of Automating the HR Onboarding Process to learn more.

Transform paper into intelligent digital data by automating HR processes!

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