AP Automation in Action: AMSURG’s Story

It all began with a business plan and budget sketched out on an iced tea napkin. In 1986, after a year of Saturdays spent carefully strategizing, co-founders David Manning and Rodney Lunn quit their jobs to pursue their dream of launching Practice Development Associates (PDA). Six years later, the growing entity formally became AMSURG and shifted focus toward the development of a single specialty partnership model.

AMSURG Story On Automated AP Solutions

In the last few years, AMSURG has joined forces with Sheridan Healthcare as well as Envision Healthcare to offer an unparalleled suite of offerings to help health systems. To accommodate this growth, and streamline their accounts payable paper-based process, AMSURG choose KnowledgeLake to provide automated AP solutions.

AMSURG implemented KnowledgeLake’s Unify, Connect & Capture solutions to modernize their document management and accounting processes across their 250 Ambulatory Service Centers (ASCs) in the US. Already heavily invested into Microsoft SharePoint, AMSURG investigated options from other AP solutions providers, but ultimately chose KnowledgeLake to optimize and streamline their Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system.

According to Corey Cross, Senior Network Administrator for the AMSURG’s IT department, KnowledgeLake’s expertise of AP solutions has enabled AMSURG to retire their antiquated paper process and dramatically streamline their accounting workflow to increase productivity in a matter of months.

“The KnowledgeLake product stack let us eliminate the old process of printing documents and storing these paper files in boxes, replacing it with a dramatically better electronic workflow,” Cross said. “Closing the books on our centers requires a lot of supporting documentation and effort. Moving to KnowledgeLake has allowed our accounting staff to find the documents much more easily and quickly.”

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