Advanced Capture Technology: How it Improves Your Work Life

Is your department or organization struggling to manage a mountain of sales orders, contracts, packaging slips or even file cabinets crammed with paper documents? If so, there’s an advanced capture technology solution that can help you control all of this existing, business-critical information and act as a catalyst for business process optimization.

An advanced capture technology solution, like KnowledgeLake’s Advanced Capture, helps you digitize your paper documents, furthering you along your digital transformation journey — ultimately keeping your company competitive, enabling growth and improving the quality of work life for employees. Here are some of the other benefits your organization can realize:

Boost efficiency and productivity

Advanced capture technology eliminates time-consuming manual processes while streamlining information. Scan documents or upload from any location or system. Once imported, critical data can be recognized, sorted and extracted. Finally, the content is automatically sent to your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) or Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system or repository of your choice — either on-premises or cloud. Advanced capture technology can conduct these actions far faster than an employee can, increasing a department’s efficiency.

Drive greater accuracy

To err is human. However, human error is costly. Files get lost. Manual entry mistakes can cause a variety of problems for an organization, its customers and other employees. Advance capture technology contains optical character recognition (OCR) software which captures necessary information from different types of in-coming documents and recognizes the metadata and keywords needed for extraction. Pre-defined rules can be set up validate the extracted data and flag down any mismatches or exceptions.

Reduce preparation and labor

In many cases, scanning documents into a system means separating documents by type, injecting barcodes and removing blank sheets. Since OCR is performed across the entire document as soon as it is scanned or imported, there is no need to prepare the content for scanning.

Improve customer service

Customers expect accurate information, quickly. If customer-facing employees have to hunt down information in response to a customer’s question, the lag time can frustrate both parties. Advanced capture technology allows your business to keep customer information updated and accurate, helping employees deliver swift service.

Create happy employees

Reducing tedious, manual processes for employees throughout your organization can enhance employee satisfaction. An automated document imaging platform frees up time to tackle challenging tasks, resulting in more engaged and productive workforce. According to Gallup, employees who are free to tackle the core duties of their job are 8% more productive and 6x more likely to be engaged. In other words, the more efficient your employees are, the more successful business.

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