SharePoint Search: 5 "Gotchas" And Fix To SharePoint Hybrid

Has your enterprise adopted a Microsoft SharePoint hybrid strategy (using both SharePoint Online and SharePoint on premises)? According to the recent KnowledgeLake webinar, The Complexities of a SharePoint Hybrid Environment, almost 70% of attendees reported they either now operate within a hybrid environment or their organization intends to transition fairly soon.

SharePoint Hybrid SearchWhile a SharePoint hybrid environment is the optimal choice for some businesses, the search experience can frustrate users — especially if they aren’t sure where certain content is stored. This scenario can also create complications for IT since information is stored in two different places.

Here are a few of the “gotchas” when it comes to conducting a SharePoint hybrid search:

1.) Slow crawls
Incremental crawls — responsible for finding new libraries, content types or taxonomy changes — run, at best, every four hours. This means that new workflow you’ve just rolled out can’t be accessed or viewed for at least four hours. You can’t configure this setting either.

2.) Less than optimal keyword searches
While keyword searching can be set up, you may not find the type of information you’re looking for. This means users must take time to dig deeper to find necessary business content.

3.) Redundancy is necessary
Taxonomies, metadata and managed properties must be set up the same in both environments. So, every time you update your managed properties, you have to update them across the board.

4.) Control issues are important
Information governance and processes must be implemented in order to maintain control.

5.) No guarantee of finding what you need
SharePoint Online tenant size determines the number of items within the search index.

So what’s the fix for the issues surrounding a SharePoint hybrid search? KnowledgeLake provides options for conducting efficient searches in a SharePoint hybrid environment. Check out this recently recorded webinar hosted by KnowledgeLake’s Director of Product Management, Jason Burian, as he addresses findability frustrations and demonstrates how our solution can help.

Employ an effective SharePoint hybrid search solution.

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