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Services Company Moves Core Processes into the Fast Lane with Knowledgelake Solution

ATC Transportation provides professional services to transportation, logistics, and warehousing businesses across North America. To improve internal processes as well as customer service, ATC deployed a KnowledgeLake Enterprise Content Management solution on top of its existing Microsoft SharePoint intranet. The resulting solution is saving the company time and money and is helping ATC be even more responsive to customer requests for documentation.

Business Needs

ATC Transportation provides equipment and real estate leasing support services to companies in the fields of transportation, distribution, warehousing, and logistics. Its services include accounting, information technology solutions, human resources assistance, process improvement, and equipment maintenance.

The company, which is headquartered in Wisconsin, provides its services to customers across the United States and Canada. Since its founding in 1994, the company has used paper documents for a wide range of customer services and business processes, such as warranty claims, proof of delivery for vehicles, payments for drivers, and financial audits.



ATC Transportation provides a range of technical and administrative services to companies working in the transportation, logistics, and warehousing industries. Founded in 1994, it is based in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin.



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"With KnowledgeLake, we’ve been able to substantially improve internal processes while being able to save time and money — and enhance the service to our customers with even greater responsiveness to requests."

-Tim Rice, Web Developer
ATC Transportation

Over time, the accumulation of these paper-based documents and processes slowed the business down and led to frustrations, according to Tim Rice, Web Developer for ATC.

“When drivers turned in their paperwork after delivering a vehicle, for example, the documents were processed by a clerk, then they were mailed to corporate headquarters once a week for scanning and storage,” says Rice. “This resulted in large shipping costs and significant time delays in claims processing. We also have periodic financial audits where we are asked to present documents related to wire transfers and checks. We needed a solution that would be more efficient than one that involved hunting through boxes every time we needed to find a document.”


ATC already had several system-wide Microsoft products in place, including Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft .NET development tools, and decided to deploy a KnowledgeLake Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution to handle its growing document needs.

“It made a lot of sense to go with KnowledgeLake,” says Rice. “Our infrastructure and development team are centered on Microsoft technology, and we were already using Microsoft Office and SharePoint. Plus, Microsoft .NET is a mature platform that provides a great amount of power and flexibility in the event we wanted to create custom features.”

For its ECM solution, ATC used KnowledgeLake Imaging for SharePoint, which provides essential functionality for searching through, viewing, and annotating digitized documents. The company is also using KnowledgeLake Capture, the software that works with the firm’s HP Scanjet 7000 devices in the scanning process.

The KnowledgeLake ECM solution integrates with two core line-of-business applications-a claims information system from 4CS and OpCenter operations management software. It also integrates with Vagus, a system used for electronically tracking vehicle orders and claims from the field. Information entered into Vagus through an online form contains metadata that is used to index and manage claims and associated documents.

Rice says the KnowledgeLake implementation went quickly, taking only a matter of days. The company spent additional time converting existing electronic documents that resided on an aging AS/400 server system and migrating them to the new ECM solution.


After deploying the KnowledgeLake software, ATC gained an efficient document management solution that leverages the company’s existing IT investments, saves on resources and expenses, and helps improve customer service.

“With KnowledgeLake, we’ve been able to substantially improve internal processes while being able to save time and money-and enhance the service to our customers with even greater responsiveness to requests,” Rice says.

Levarages Existing IT System

Over time, the accumulation of these paper-based documents and processes slowed the business down and led to frustrations, says Tim Rice, Web Developer for ATC.

“We already had an investment in SharePoint, and the fact that KnowledgeLake works directly with SharePoint was a big plus.We can extend our IT investment while gaining the ability to manage a large amount of documents,” he says. “It’s also great that KnowledgeLake works with our warranty claims software, our external-facing vehicle management software, Vagus, and our internal management software, OpCenter.”

Saves Time and Money

KnowledgeLake is saving ATC time and money with the ability to scan documents directly from locations around the United States and Canada.

“It eliminates the need to mail documents, which in the past meant extra delays and costs,” Rice says. “Now we access documents instantly on SharePoint from any location. That has also improved our ability to furnish documents more quickly for audit requests. Instead of searching through boxes in a warehouse, a process that could take hours or longer, we can do a quick search and find the relevant documents in a matter of seconds.”

Enhance Customer Service

The KnowledgeLake solution has given ATC greater speed and flexibility in responding to customer requests.

“We use KnowledgeLake to index damage photos and claim information, which is then accessed through our claims system,” says Amber Turner, Senior Claims Analyst for ATC. “Once documents reside in KnowledgeLake, we can access them directly through our claims system-4CS-for claims processing. This routine is transparent to our dealers and makes the process flow smoothly for them and us. Our previous system did not have an interface that would allow this. KnowledgeLake saves us and our dealers time from having to scan, then e-mail, and then manually attach documents.”

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