Accounts Payable Invoice Processing

Be lean, efficient, organized, and secure. Go ahead, we dare you.

  • Increase your employee productivity by focusing on more critical and high value tasks.
  • Reduce connectivity complexity by automating data entry to your accounting system, ERP, or workflow.
  • Boost vendor and internal service levels via a simple one-click action to pull back relevant documents from within any accounting system or ERP.
  • Easily index data and upload documents right from Microsoft Office applications your company uses every day. 

You have AP challenges.
Listen, it’s okay—we see it all the time.

Fessing up to an invoice problem or a highly manual process is the first step to addressing it. We know the inefficiencies AP departments face trying to get documents from their email inbox to their accounting system, and we can help with our accounts payable automation services.


The Benefits of Using the Knowledgelake
Platform for Accounts Payable

We're Specialist

KnowledgeLake specializes in leveraging Microsoft for accounts payable processing and archiving. We’ve been doing it for clients for 20 years and it’s the largest part of our business. Nearly half of our clients automate AP as part of their overall KnowledgeLake solution.

We Leverage Existing

KnowledgeLake leverages the platforms your organization most likely already owns: Microsoft Azure, Dynamics, Flow, PowerApps, Office 365, and SharePoint. KnowledgeLake is, quite simply, a solution that is easier to learn and maintain.

Discover the benefits of using KnowledgeLake for Accounts Payable

“With a new brewery facility coming online in Asheville, NBB is going to become a national company. That meant we had to reevaluate processes involving a variety of departments, including finance and accounting, HR, legal, and environmental health, and safety.”


Tye Eyden

Collaboration Analyst, New Belgium Brewing

increase_productivity Increase employee productivity

Stop wasting time with double and triple entries and focus on more critical, high-value tasks. We can recognize and classify invoices and supporting documents as they are imported from email or scanned from paper and pull out the important data.

reduce_clock Reduce connectivity complexity

Our solution dramatically increases efficiency by automating data entry to your accounting system, ERP, or workflow.

boost_rocket Boost service levels

KnowledgeLake boosts vendor and internal service levels via a simple, one-click action to immediately pull back relevant documents from within any accounting system or ERP.


What can you do with the KnowledgeLake Platform?

Solve your organizations most important content challenges with the opportunity to try the KnowledgeLake platform for yourself. Some of the tech you'll get to try:

  • Automatic classification and tagging of documents with our machine learning technology
  • Connect and integrate your systems with our robotic process automation for the ability to search for your documents based on data, all from one system
  • Indexing data and uploading documents right from the Microsoft Outlook and Office applications you use everyday

Whant to try it for yourself?

The KnowledgeLake platform helps automate other processes such as:

Intelligent Financial Services

Manage financial documents in the cloud to reduce costs and drive new revenue.

Employee Onboarding

Spend more time managing your employees, not their paperwork.

Explore the Technology

Learn how the KnowledgeLake services create an extensible cloud platform.

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