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The KnowledgeLake SharePoint ECM Solution Overview

The following topics are covered:

  • An introduction to Enterprise Content Management (ECM)
  • Discuss at high level the features of Microsoft SharePoint
  • List benefits and savings associated with a Document Imaging solution
  • Define the various products offered by KnowledgeLake
  • Describe a number of success stories
  • Justify value of migrating from redundant legacy ECM platforms

Webinar: Why Implementing a Records Management Solution is Critical to Your Business

Managing the exploding growth and variety of content and its locations is a complex process. With the high volumes of paper-based and electronic content in applications - such as Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Exchange and internal/external social media sites- you need the ability to efficiently manage the lifecycle of all records throughout your enterprise.

SharePoint Design and Taxonomy Best Practices

Taxonomy, frequently referred to as the information architecture of your site, is often the most visible and most important tool for SharePoint users to locate information. Building a poor taxonomy will affect the success of your SharePoint implementation in numerous ways, including: search, records management, solution performance and user experience. Learn how to build an information architecture that will provide an intuitive, clear path for employees to follow when they are adding and seeking information from your SharePoint repository.

Strategies for a Successful Migration to SharePoint 2010 and 2013

Russ Houberg, a Microsoft Certified SharePoint Master, shared the secrets on how your business can safely migrate content from legacy ECM platforms to a centralized SharePoint infrastructure.

The Webinar Covered a Rich Array of Topics

Webinar: SharePoint 2013 Search Enhancements and KnowledgeLake Search

We'll begin by reviewing what we know today in SharePoint 2010, and then segue way from 2010's Search Scope capabilities into 2013's concept of Result Sources. Building upon our new found knowledge of Result Sources, we'll then dive into Query Rules and use this to peer into Microsoft's vision for search.

SharePoint 2013 or Office 365 – Which One is Right for Your Organization?

Join KnowledgeLake and our Vice President of Engineering, Ben Vierck, as we discuss Enterprise Content Management in the age of the Cloud.We cover the various features and capabilities of these platforms and how these new options affect the functionality of third-party add-ons that have been key to the success of most SharePoint enterprise implementations.

These thought-provoking topics are addressed in the session:

Webinar: ECM on SharePoint 2013 - 13 Ways to Make It Rock!

Whether from your desktop, business application or even on the go, learn how to reduce the challenges and seize the opportunities SharePoint 2013 will bring to ECM. Leave this presentation with a solid understanding of how to best leverage Microsoft's refreshed version of its rock star platform.

Webinar: Streamline Accounts Payable Through Automation and Integration

Join The Institute of Financial Operations for an exclusive recorded webinar discussing AP industry trends. Learn from KnowledgeLake how to leverage Microsoft SharePoint to drive real cost reductions and improve operations far beyond the walls of the AP department.

Webinar: Unify Your LOB Systems with a SharePoint Document Management Solution

Increase productivity and drive success by integrating your Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle, SAP and PeopleSoft applications with document stored in SharePoint

Webinar: Building Business Applications with SharePoint

Learn how KnowledgeLake, combined with K2's extensive workflow feature set, connects people to the right information and tasks, so they can get work done. From basic task routing to complex solutions with policies, rules, escalations and exception handling - it's all here, giving you the power to build SharePoint workflows and business applications.


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